Just Back: The Balkans and Latest News

Turkish Man in Istanbul, Turkey - Travel photography by Lola Akinmade Åkerström

I haven’t had a latest news and updates post in awhile and wanted to share what’s been happening on this end so far. Been quite a busy one in terms of travel and I’m just back from a whirlwind trip through the Balkans which took me through countries I’ve always wanted to experience and explore including Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia.

Since I had such a short time (roughly two weeks)  to explore and cover a lot of ground, I used Busabout to travel through the region cheaply. I’ve got thousands of photos which I’m excited to sort through and start sharing so please watch this space. A lot of the photos will also be going into Nat Geo Creative as well.

From meeting a new friend, Dalida, in Sarajevo, Bosnia to scarfing down flaky meat byrek in Gjirokastër, Albania, I’ve got so many notes, scribbles, and stories to parse through. Plus I was guarding my memory cards like Fort Knox, praying all 10+ made it back safely with me since I didn’t want to be stuck indoors backing up for hours while traveling.


In the meantime, here are the latest pieces from the last three months:

Upcoming pieces: ISLANDS Magazine, Women’s Adventure, Roads & Kingdoms. 


Was spotlighted in Travel Channel’s “Our Type of Traveler” series which was super cool and a honor. Also shared some photography tips with the Huffington Post.


Slow Travel Stockholm is rolling and I’m looking for contributors – writers and photographers. It was a bit quiet the last two weeks because I was on the road but now I’m back at the desk for awhile (at least until the next trip soon) and have more cool Stockholm content in the pipeline.

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  • http://plumdeluxe.com Andy Hayes

    You are prolific! Thank you for sharing your talents with us, and with the world. So thankful.

    • http://www.lolaakinmade.com Lola Akerstrom

      You’re too kind Andy!! Thank you so much :)

  • Monica-USA

    Gee wiz Lola you have definitely racked up some frequent flyer miles!!! Congratulations on your publications that is wonderful. The pictures are fantastic as always. Good luck and I hope you get to enjoy a fika and relax a bit before hitting the road again? :)

    • http://www.lolaakinmade.com Lola Akerstrom

      Thanks Monica! And yes, definitely plan on relaxing before hitting the road again.

  • tope

    You forgot your arik wings publication :p

    • http://www.lolaakinmade.com Lola

      @Tope – Ha! Thanks for the reminder.