There are people who come in and light up our lives with so much joy, grace, and elegance that we forever want to bask in their glow. People who combine beauty, brains, and bravery so effortlessly that we have no choice but to stop, pause, and listen, fully captivated.

And what an unspeakable honor it becomes to call such beautiful light a close friend.

We want you to meet our dear friend, Ify.

Because to know Ify is to fully understand what it means to be a strong, independent, intelligent, faithful, gracious, compassionate, and elegant woman . She was on track towards tenure as a PhD professor teaching us all about rhetoric, faith, and social justice. Eloquently breaking down the complexity of communication into simple organic interactions we could all understand. Giving of herself as a mentor to her students and other young women through social entrepreneurship. Showing them how to express themselves, to fully and completely communicate their desires, wants, and visions.

To confidently pursue their dreams.

Her inspiring TEDxWomen talk on mentoring women was just a glimpse into a life full of conviction, brilliance, and above all, love. To know Ify is to love her and to love her exemplary life as a strong modern woman of faith.

You see, no one should ever have to battle thyroid cancer, lumbar spinal stenosis, Hashimoto’s disease, disc degenerative disorders, endometriosis, high blood pressure, fibroids, and other nerve issues all at the same time. No one should ever have to endure crippling disabilities which threaten to dim their illustrious light.

Watching Ify’s health mysteriously deteriorate over the last few years has been agony. Pure agony because Ify is so young. The doctors – baffled themselves – continue to investigate and dig deeper to see why Ify’s health issues are happening all at once and so rapidly.

Sudden chronic spinal issues and excruciating back pain alongside aggressive thyroid cancer and endometriosis have pulled Ify away from her dream job. Off track from her tenure. Away from those social projects that lift and inspire other women to live their best lives.

These health issues alongside skyrocketing medical bills are trying to dampen Ify’s radiance. Her medical bills have sapped her savings dry and have almost drained out her retirement funds.

And we, her friends who’ve basked so long in her generous glow and love, feel helpless as we watch her physical pain and deteriorating health.

We can’t bear it. We can’t watch our dear friend suffer this way at the very prime of her life.

So we humbly ask you to reach in and support Ify any way you can. We need to raise $25,000 to cover Ify’s medical treatments – from radiation and thyroid replacement procedures to physical therapy and specialist doctor’s visits – and also a place to stay, moving her into more permanent housing. Ify needs any and every support we can get her.

We implore you to please search your hearts this holiday season, spread the word about our strong and beautiful Ify, and help keep her light shining so brilliantly.

Please Give Here

Thank you so much from the very bottom of our hearts and God bless you.


Friends of Ify Ofulue

View Ify’s inspiring TEDxWomen’s talk here.