Went through my 2008 in Review – Gratitude List and those very same items can be transferred right to my 2009 list below:

God’s steadfastness, healthy family, new friends from Matador Network, solid opportunities that came in, good health, a wonderful husband, a new life…

As for resolutions for 2010, Nancy Harder (new friend and Matador pal) beat me to it.

I’ve got none.

Last year, my mission word for 2009 was focus, and boy did a lot of doors open when energies were focused in the right direction.

So if I had to choose a focus word for the next 12 months, it would be discipline.

A more controlled discipline about my life, actions, and decisions. Adding compulsory routine where it’s absolutely needed.

Happy New Year and may those dreams you’ve dreamed for yourself for so long be soon realized. For me, I’ll continue to live each day with gratitude and contentment.

God bless.

Photo by Karin Wahlström