Fruit stand - Banana, Strawberries, Blueberries - Food Photography by Lola Akinmade Åkerström

I’m not a fan of bananas. Their smell, taste, and texture. I remember once biting into one when I was a kid, confusing it for plantains which I love when fried. There was something about that spongy weirdly-shaped fruit that made me recoil, and to this day, I haven’t peeled and eaten a single one.

If cleverly and subtly disguised in banana nut bread, I might be able to chow down a slice, but nut bread with visible chunks of banana in it is another story.

I’ve often felt embarrassed while traveling, having to wave a simple “no thank you” to gracious guests when offered this fruit that’s enjoyed by almost everyone I’ve met. Though I’ve been able to tap-dance around it for so long, acquiring potassium from other sources, the day when I actually have to deal with a banana is just around the corner.

You see, my daughter is now moving into that stage where she can start eating mushy foods, and the top recommended fruit for babies seems to be mashed up bananas.

Bananas puréed to the point of oatmeal-like consistency. Maybe mushier if that’s possible. Banana purées I have to taste myself to make sure they’re not too hot or too cold but just right for my child.  And what kind of mother would I be if I chose to bypass bananas from her diet just because I’m not a fan?

My banana dilemma – while grossly trivial in the grand scheme of life – has got me thinking a lot about unconditional love. While I often feel I lead a pretty balanced life in terms of being compassionate and considerate while pursuing my own goals, having a child takes it up a notch for me.

It’s teaching me what that word “unconditional” truly means. Just how heavy it is. Just how selfless it requires one to be. How certain things need to be done unconditionally for the sake of one’s own child – regardless of age in my opinion.

That word “unconditional” begins to permeate my professional life on some levels as well. When sharing specific information, contacts, resources with others because it could very well be the break they need without expecting something else in return.

So I eagerly wait for my banana challenge. For that first whisk of the blender. For that first banana purée. Something we’ll both be experiencing together. She’ll probably lap it up like sweet nectar.

Me? Not so much.

It’s the same way I wait in anticipation for the day when my daughter will run in with muddied hands filled with freshly dug up earthworms, squealing “Look mama!” before proceeding to dump the pile of worms in mine.

You see, I’m not a fan of worms either.

Do you have everyday items you’re not too keen on as well? Do share below if you’d like.

  • @Erica – Great to hear from you and hope your summer is going well! I definitely understand the grapefruit aversion. The bitter tartness to it.

  • Unconditional isn’t always easy… but isn’t it so that the most challenging things in life are most worth it?

    Like Andi, it’s grapefruit for me too. I’ve tried to get my taste buds to like them several times but it’s not really working. In my experience it doesn’t seem like you’ll eventually learn to like the taste of something you dislike, no matter how many times you’ve eaten it.

  • @Ekua – You know what? I’d probably eat them if I didn’t have a choice as well.

  • I dislike bananas as well, but have had better luck with them in the tropics than in the US (besides Hawaii!). Sometimes I have been in the middle of nowhere in some strange land and starving and bananas were the only things to eat… so I ate them. Its hard to keep hating something that’s saved you a couple times 😛

  • @Andi – Ha! Grapefruit. You know, with a ton of sugar, I can do grapefruit.

  • For me it’s grapefruit!

  • @Litenarata – That would be selfish on my part 🙂

    @Kristin (Camels & Chocolate) – Ha! Cucumbers. The king of every Swedish sandwich. A slice of cheese + plus a few slices of cucumber + a single slice of crispy bread = a sandwich here.

  • CUCUMBERS! I hate them with a passion! And yet, all the best-sounding cocktails usually have them in them =/

  • Litenarata

    Or just don’t feed her bananas. Nothing bad is going to happen.