Was recently invited to submit a photograph to start off WEND Magazine’s new weekly series – Friday Photo.

Huffing and puffing along the legendary Inca Trail en route to Machu Picchu with just my trekking poles and a light daypack in tow, there were numerous moments when I felt taking another step was impossible. As I find a rocky slab to sit on and collect my breath, the words “Hola señorita!” jolt me back to life. Porters. With huge grins while forging on like soldier ants, they march past me with pounds of gear strapped to their backs.

Read more at WEND Magazine’s Blog and contribute a photo into their Flickr pool.

Be sure to check out WEND Magazine – an excellent magazine that inspires adventure. They also publish a pretty sweet digital version of their magazine online for limited periods.

  • Thanks for submitting the photo Lola… good kick-off for what will hopefully be a great weekly feature of photos!

  • Thanks guys

    Christine – That’s odd with the link. Maybe their blog is down. Oh well.

  • christinegilbert

    It’s weird, that link doesn’t seem to want to work for me.

    Great pic though!

  • that’s an excellent shot. those porters do a lot of work!!