Tripbase Blog Awards 2009

Super excited to find out that my blog placed 8th under the Tripbase Travel Blog Awards’ Technical Category.

8th place you say?

Considering the fact that the 10 winners include major travel blogs – National Geographic Traveler’s Intelligent Travel, Travel Channel’s World Hum, Viator, and Gridskipper – needless to say, I feel pretty honored they even found my blog.

According to Tripbase:

This is the award for the best looking/most accessible travel blogs.

The award is handed out to the sector’s stars; those who lead the way in terms of graphics, layout, accessibility and design.

It takes a creative touch to stand out from the crowd and only the leading inspirational travel bloggers will survive the rigorous selection process.

Going to go pour me some celebratory apple juice. My rugby drinking days are over 🙂