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Crawfish in Sweden

Postcard: Crawfish in Sweden #NaPhoPoMo

August through September is typically known as crawfish (or crayfish) season here in Sweden where many boats and restaurants run “all you can eat” crawfish menus. The best way to enjoy this experience is by being invited to the home of a local for a kräftskiva – crawfish party.

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Feskekorka, Gothenburg, West Sweden

Postcard: Feskekörka in Gothenburg #CulinarySweden

A historic landmark and market since 1874, Feskekörka (“Fish Church”) is an iconic fish market in Gothenburg where you’ll find fishmongers peddling whole salmon, giant chunks of tuna, cod fillets, langoustines, crawfish, fresh crabs, pickled herring, and anything else that once swam or scurried across the ocean floor in an old church building…

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