Nigerian-born Lola Akinmade Åkerström’s photography and travel writing are characterized by vibrancy and hope. Graduating with a Masters (MSc) degree in Information Systems from the University of Maryland with a minor in Geography, she specialized in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for 12+ years and her affinity for the geosciences and maps meant she was born to travel.

Her work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, BBC, CNN, The Guardian, Travel + Leisure, Slate, Travel Channel, Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, National Geographic Channel, several in-flight magazines, New York Times online, amongst others.

Some of her articles and photography have been syndicated on MSNBC, Slate, Yahoo, New York Daily News, Chicago Sun Times, Huffington Post, and Time Warner.

Her photography is represented by National Geographic Creative.

Here’s a link to her official portfolio site below.


She was in South Africa on a photography assignment for National Geographic Channel and was featured in a vignette called “Through The Lens” which airs on Nat Geo channel across the globe.

She worked as a field journalist on the web team during Eco-Challenge’s Expedition Race in Fiji and has volunteered as a photojournalist with the Swedish Red Cross and World Hope International, documenting their projects in countries such as Nicaragua, Sweden, and Cambodia, and C.H.I.E.F – an NGO based in Nigeria that promotes grassroots health development, HIV/AIDS awareness, and the empowerment of women.

She is also a founding member of the Nordic Travel Bloggers (NordicTB) collective which brings together the top professional travel influencers and digital storytellers in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland.

She owns and runs Geotraveler Media – a multimedia and travel consulting firm providing a spectrum of travel media-related services from writing, photography, and art to web design, and social media.

She is the editor-in-chief of Slow Travel Stockholm – an editorial site which encourages travelers to explore Stockholm deeper and slowly, and was the photoblogger for Sweden’s official website.

She has been recognized with awards for her work.

She is also the cartoonist behind Office Supplies – The Comic © and an oil painter.

She is based in Stockholm, Sweden and available for assignments around the world.

View her official portfolio at

  • Gazelley

    Hi Lola! I love your works 🙂
    I’m sorry to ask but I really don’t want to mispronounce your name…
    How do you pronounce your last name?

  • gauravvij137

    Hello Lola!

    I have been an ardent follower of your work and the culture you present through your photography. I’ve built a photography method that allows you to capture motion pictures. Would be grateful if you give it a try and capture some amazing travel shots in motion with it. It’s called Movense (

    Looking forward to more of your artworks in coming time.


  • Mike Freeworld

    Great blog. grym blogg 🙂

    • LolaAkinmade

      Tusen tack! 🙂


    Wow! Lola, I am so awed at your accomplishments. You make us know that we can do it also. I am also aiming to be an accomplished freelance writer and sometimes I feel I need more trainings. God bless you.

    • LolaAkinmade

      Thanks so much and God bless you too!

  • I found out about your website from a very good friend Wale Ariztos – he speaks highly of you. I am glad I’m finally reading through your website and I am truly inspired by your journey and passion!! I love traveling as well, and I just started my journey, so it is good to see someone who has been through a similar experience and is now living fulfilled. I look forward to more interesting and insightful posts from you.

    • Thanks so much Moni and great to connect with you! Please feel free to reach out whenever you like and looking forward to following your own journey as well. Best wishes and safe travels!

      • Thank you Lola.

  • Gbola

    Great job Lola. Discovered your website via Travel + Escape Magazine. Really inspiring work you have accomplished here. Wish I knew about the 2013 TBEX conference held in Toronto.

  • Wao! I’m so Proud to know you are a Nigerian. Great works you have Lola! Well done.

    • Thanks so much Michael! I’m sooo proud to be a Nigerian myself and hope I can do us proud 🙂

  • Beauty. Period.

    • Thanks Julia!

  • Scott

    Nice website, Lola. You ssssound bussssy!

    • Thanks Sssscott! We freelancers have to constantly hustle 🙂

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    @Alero – Thanks for your support and kind words!

    @Sonia – Many thanks!

  • Sonia

    Very impressive website (and career!) Lola. Am pleased to have found you. Love your Blog.

  • Alero Adollo Aladesilu

    Lola I’m so proud of you. To see you followed your creativity through is an inspiration to me.I remember your short stories in school. Congratulations on all your published works too.

  • Winifred

    Lola, you are doing great. Its been worthwhile going through your works. Keep it up!

  • @Everyone – Thanks so much for your kind words!

  • Hi Lola,
    saw that you found our blog and added your own to our Expats in Sweden list. I’m glad you did cause now I found yours as well. Looking forward to reading more.

  • Baskar

    Hope you remember me still… Good Luck with your dreams !

    – Baskar

  • Manuel


    Saw something about Roger Ebert? He writes with an incredibly appealing and tasteful style

    I sort of stumbel on your website while researching to do something about a huge social disease that has disturbed me for several years. Recently, i got into the whole groove of ‘Lliving Life like you actually want to’…..a mindset/idea/journey/notion so far fetched to a lot of people, I find it quite unfortunate.

    It would seem you live your dreams on a daily basis. Pleas continue to inspire us all, and I pray the blessings received from giving back to the world, will continue to wash you, surround you, and live itself in and around you



  • Go for it Lola

  • Uko

    Lola, you’re living my dream. Man, those snow pics are so stunning and meditative. I’m looking to start a blog or mag where Naijas in far-flung but interesting places post thoughts, reports or pics. You go, girl!

  • Rita Elaiho

    Congratulations on a job well done thus far girlfriend!
    Don’t worry i know you’d make us all proud as usual when you get to the North Pole…

  • Awesome…as usual!

  • @dmdolat & Teenu – Thanks!

    @Dr. Slick – Thanks for dropping by and sending mad vibrations back your way. Sincerely! 🙂

  • Hey lil mama! What a great website! I’m passing it along to my comrades. Sending mad vibrations from the left side Los Angeles, USA

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    I appreciate dis blog so much…

  • @Patricia – Thanks so much. I was definitely inspired by their will.

  • patricia

    just seen your pictures on bbc aboutt eh children that travle to school in canoes.
    loved the pictures, and thanks for sharing that small piece of info- those kids are rock stars, come rain come shine…you gotta go to school.

  • @Ovie – OVIE!!!! how are you? where are you? Sending tons of love your way. Will go stalk you on Facebook now 🙂

  • Lola!!! That’s all I’ve got 🙂 Art says hello as well. I’m on the facebook, so if you are ever around Dayton let me know. I’ll show you the wife and kids. Art may be getting married, too. Stay well. Ovie

  • @Juliette – Definitely let me know if you travel to Sweden!

    @Ade-B – E se gan! Thanks so much for your encouragement!

    @Babtope Omoju – Thank you!

    @Leeton Hanson – No worries at all. Glad you liked it and God bless you too!

  • leeton hanson

    auntie Lola, how far now?

    i’m sorry, i came across your website cos i read your article at matador ‘the Beginner’s Guide to Nigerian Pidgin English’. i thought it was brilliant, especially as it had the audio to go with it… such a great help to a caribbean 9ja lover like me. thanks so much for sharing. the LORD bless you


    well done, i like your work.

  • Ade-B

    Hi Lola, just came across some of your works and searched for this blog. Just thought I would at least drop a note and congratulate you on your work and encourage you to please continue… 🙂

  • Hi Lola,

    such a pleasure reading your blog and i happened to come by it via @ebertchicago. I hope when i come to visit Sweden sometime i will get a chance to meet you. I love traveling and taking pics a lot 🙂
    You can also find me on twitter my id (@LarvK)


  • @Andreas – Thanks for visiting and I hope you stick around. That’s one of my favorite travel quotes as well. You can check out 49 more here –

  • Andreas

    Lola, great blog, great post, great pictures, its nice to know travelers like u, i was born to travel too. Those who dont travel just read one page of the world.

  • Laura Windham

    Lola, don’t know you but followed your link from Adrienne Wilson…….love your blog and your photos are beautiful!!

    • @Laura – Thanks so much! Hope you come back often.

  • I love this picture 🙂 Fly, fly, fly away…

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  • I think I’ve found another new role model!

  • OOH Lola! It’s sunny in Chicago and I found your blog via Roger Ebert. Love your photos! They are joyful, gorgeous and I thank you. Check out my blog sometime:
    Keep on sista girrrl!!

    • Hi Lynne! Thanks so much for dropping by. Will definitely check out your blog. Sincerely!

  • Feeling great to connect with you. Keep sharing. Best.

  • Innocent Tariah

    you have made our family proud and we are proud of your heardwork and dedication,keep it up, Congratulation for your me to thank you father chief Akinmade a BIG thank you for his love and care………..

  • Picone – Thanks!

    Ayanna – Thanks so much for discovering this blog and your kind words. Will check out your work as well.

  • Love your blog. Going to link to it. Your subject matter is engaging and in line with my interests. Congratulations on all of your published works. You are an inspiration to me.

    Be well,
    Ayanna Nahmias

  • Hey man thanks for the great post. Look forward to reading more!

  • Thanks so much. I really appreciate it. Just being myself 🙂

  • Damilola Mofikoya

    lola, good work am proud of u. not many nigerians venture into this field…keep it up…i can feel your passion!!!!
    Damilola Mofikoya

  • Ona Akinmade

    Lola, always good to read about you . . . Blessings, Ona Akinmade