There are several ways we can work together – from content and editorial services, speaking engagements, and campaigns to meaningful partnerships and brand ambassadorships within the travel industry.

Sample brands I’ve partnered with for various services include: Absolut Vodka, Electrolux, Expedia, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Jetsetter, Lonely Planet Assignment Pathfinders, National Geographic Channel, / Swedish Institute, South African Tourism, Visit Stockholm, Wimduto name a few.

I occasionally do reviews of products that align with my travel style and brand. For my Slow Travel Stockholm editorial site, we’re always on the lookout for guest contributors, partners, and potential investors who share our vision.

I’m also one of the founders of the NordicTB Collective which brings together the top professional travel influencers and digital storytellers in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland.

Download my latest media kit – 2017 Geotraveler Media

I would love to hear from you if you’d like to work with me and here are a couple ways to reach out.

Email me at lola [at] geotravelermedia [dot] com, use the contact form below, or ping me on Twitter at @LolaAkinmade


  • Jennifer Simon

    This site is giving me life! It’s so inspirational and reminds me that life doesn’t have to be routine or boring. It’s so important to step outside the box and follow your heart.

    • Thanks so much Jennifer and I’m deeply honored to hear that! It’s absolutely important to follow your heart even if others doubt you or try to pull you back.

  • Sasa Nmm

    Dear Lola,

    I am Clarisa Nuñez Melgar from LIma, Peru. I am writing you because i have followed your blog/webpage since a few months and now that I am working on my thesis, was the perfect opportunity to talk to you cause I think you fit just perfectly for my thesis investigation. My thesis is about the lifestyle traveller’s identity and their interaction with virtual media. I am looking for real lifestyle travellers who think of their lives travelling around. I am looking to have interviews with them and get to know them and their stories. Their believes about the trip concept as a way of life and other things related.

    I think you fit perfect in this profile so i will love to interview you. We can arrange a skype meeting. It will not take more than an hour and a half. Let me know if you are interested, you would help me a lot. thank you very much in advance.

    Clarisa NMM

    • Hi Clarisa! Thanks for reaching out and for your kind words. I’m not sure what your deadline is but I’ll be unavailable for most of August. If September isn’t too late, maybe you can send interview questions to lola (at) geotravelermedia (dot) com? Thanks again!

      • Sasa Nmm

        Thank you for your answer Lola!! Actually my deadline is before August 24th so September will be too late for me. I just sent the questions to the mail you gave me. Hope you can help me with that! thank you so very much!!! I really admire your work.

  • Tonda Kašík

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    It’s a place where people from more than 15 counties share their travel experience 😉
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  • Mike Spells

    Wow you are very inspiring! I am an African American, 142 country traveler who loves to inspire young people to travel more…great work! Travewitspells

    • LolaAkinmade

      Thanks so much Mike! I think we’re part of some of the same FB travel networks. Happy trails!

  • Hi,
    I dropped into your site from the link on the travel bloggers association website. Firstly congratulations for taking the step into a great way of living and seeing the world!

    The reason I am contacting is that we are a marketing company based in New Zealand and have a couple of New Zealand travel clients with an International focus that maybe interested in sponsoring your site and possibly working with you in Joint venture or paid advertising/content providing model.

    Please let me know if this is something that interests you and we can talk more.

    Paul Easton

    • Paul – Thanks for stopping by! Will drop you a line shortly.

  • Olayemi Arokoyo

    Hi lola,

    I love your work.. Hmm great work there.

  • @Mr Opara – Thanks so much!

    @Tuke – Thanks for your kind words! Here are quick answers to your questions:

    How did I end up in Stockholm? – Personal reasons.

    Do you plan to move back to Nigeria? – Don’t know what the future holds. I try to go back often.

    What sort of camera do you use? – Nikon DSLR

    What program/software to you use to edit your pictures? – Adobe Lightroom, Nikon Capture NX, NetStudio

    Can you speak any language other than English? – Yoruba and Swedish

  • Tuke

    Hi Lola

    I stumbled upon your website from the Nigerian Blogger Awards as you were nominated for Best Travel Blog, now I know why. Your achievements are very inspiring and I’m sure 2013 is going to bring way more pleasant surprises than you can imagine. I am an extremely inquisiitive person so I’ve got a few questions for you
    How did you end up in Stockholm?
    Do you plan to move back to Nigeria?
    What sort of Camera do you use?
    What program/software do you use to edit your pictures?
    Can you speak any language other than English?

    That is all for now.

    I look forward to your reply 🙂

  • Lola your a great woman.with good classification.the world will be better place if all woman will be like you lola

    Keep on doing good God bless you more

  • Just a suggestion:
    And we are proud to be the only garden in South Africa that is certified by this organisation. As we are strongly undermarketed from official side (we are not state financed, subsidised, etc.) we hope that you somewhere in the future brings us under the attention of many. Thanks! (or just google).
    Enjoy Life
    Yvonne & Herman

  • @Everyone – Thanks ladies!

    @Josie – Thanks so much. Glad you liked that post. Just got your email and will respond shortly. Best

  • Hi Lola, we’re loving your site in our office. The tone of voice is great and really fun-loving – exactly what travel should be about! BTW ‘The Covert Stare’ – I was at the receiving end of a few of those when I travelled in China a couple of years ago – Spot on! All the best.

  • Hi Lola, we’re loving your site in our office. Your tone is really engaging and fun-loving – exactly what travel should be about. BTW The covert stare – I was at the receiving end of a few of those when I travelled in China a couple of years ago – spot on!
    All the best!

  • Lyn

    Lola, I want to thank you for your generous donation to our efforts to help build a school in Kenya. This is blogging and human connection at its best. I am coninually moved by the kindness and giving nature of those who I have never even met. I can’t thank you enough … it means the world to me and my daughters. You must be a very special person. Have I told you how much I love your blog??

  • Hey Lola,

    I just came across your photos from Nigeria on Pology and was truly touched. Browsing around your website, I found an inspiring collection of articles and photos. I like the twist you take on travel writing. Keep up the great work!