This section spotlights travel experiences, articles, and photography covering places and regions I’ve explored in Asia – from Southeast Asia to central Asia and more.

Postcard: Speaking beyond words in Cambodia

This woman and I spoke no common language when I was visiting her village in Krang Yaw, Cambodia. She spent a few minutes explaining what she was doing and how her day was going, and I understood every word.

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Postcard: My Little Sister

Shot in Krang Yaw, Cambodia, this picture of a villager girl carrying her baby sister tells a deeper story. The older sister struggles under the weight of the smaller one, yet tries to ensure that she’s safe, and paid attention to. Camera – Nikon D40

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Postcard: Tough Sell

Taken in the remote village of Krang Yaw, Cambodia, this picture cracks me up every time. Totally unamused by our balloon animal project, his little face said it all. Camera – Nikon D40

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