Photos of women around the world

Nothing inspires me more than other women who have battled all odds to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Women who paved the way for other women and are continually reaching down and lifting them up too. Women who are there for you when you need them.

Ready to listen, ready to share, and ready to support you.

In honor of International Women’s Day, I wrote an opinion piece for spotlighting some amazing women pioneers across decades of adventure.

But my travels across dozens upon dozens of countries have also brought me face-to-face with everyday heroes who are shaping the next generation and providing for their communities, who are creating art, taking care of others, and just being bad-ass superwomen overall.

So, here are photos of women around the world highlighting just a few, and I’m dedicating it to all the amazing women I’ve met on my journeys – from Albania and Bosnia to Nepal and Mauritius, and many more.

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