It’s getting to that time of the year, when we dust off old resolution lists and transfer the same items to the new list.

We regret what we couldn’t accomplish and wallow in that familiar place of “[Insert year] just wasn’t my year. Next Year!

As we wind down 2008 getting ready for the new year, lets not assess what we didn’t do this year, but rather, count the many blessings and opportunities we were given.

Why not challenge yourself to start a gratitude list as well? The things/people/situations you were grateful for this year.

Life can change in a split second so why not live each day fully? Pick your battles, share more, give more, you know the deal.

There are so many things I’m grateful for – from unspoken blessings to new opportunities that came knocking. So as I patiently wait for those visas to arrive, I am filled with utter gratitude that I have the opportunity to travel.