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This sections includes current news on projects and campaigns I’m working on including notable news like announcements of awards and partnerships with major brands.

Conducting Business in French

Well…technically not in French, but I was contacted last week by the photo editor of a French Magazine for Kids, Science et Vie Découvertes. She’d stumbled across my blog, found a few “delectable” Surströmming photographs, and wanted to use one for an upcoming article in […]

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Pancake Thursdays and Other Such Traditions

I watch streams of melted ice-cream race down the sides of warm, thin pancakes…finally pooling around a glob of sweet lingonberry jam. No doubt, this Nordic weekly tradition of pea soup and pancakes  I’m gonna love. It got me thinking about other food traditions that […]

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Depth of Inspiration

“Ha! War-shing-tone!’, she exclaims in heavily accented English. “Obama! I am so happy for you!”, her dark eyes gleaming from a face creased with age. While she’d been prepping for a funeral, I’d pulled her aside for questions – this old Swedish church lady well […]

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V is for Vogue

I received the urgent email in November through Matador.  She was writing an article on Ankara and had read a blog post I’d written awhile back about this native fabric essential to daily life in Nigeria. They needed photographs ASAP.Skeptical at first, ample research on […]

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Faceless Voices

It seemed surreal staring at the cover of the complimentary copy of Faceless Voices that arrived in my mailbox last week. I remember chatting with Temo two years back when it was still being written and finalized. She needed an image for the book. After […]

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