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This sections includes current news on projects and campaigns I’m working on including notable news like announcements of awards and partnerships with major brands.

Faceless Voices

It seemed surreal staring at the cover of the complimentary copy of Faceless Voices that arrived in my mailbox last week. I remember chatting with Temo two years back when it was still being written and finalized. She needed an image for the book. After […]

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Gearing Up for Winter

As unnatural as snow and ice feels to my being, ironically I always find myself in Sweden during deep, dark winters or  nippy autumns. Rushing to the embassy with that familiar spring of excitement to my step, I’ve pretty much nailed down the protocol. Was […]

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Looking Ahead with Gratitude

It’s getting to that time of the year, when we dust off old resolution lists and transfer the same items to the new list. We regret what we couldn’t accomplish and wallow in that familiar place of “[Insert year] just wasn’t my year. Next Year!” […]

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