Durban, South Africa - People photography by Lola Akinmade Åkerström
I love sharing practical tips about photography, writing, and telling stories through your own voice and style and I’ll be doing so in just under a month at Travel Bloggers Exchange (TBEX) in Toronto, Canada.

TBEX-Toronto-Badge-SPEAKER-250pxMy session is titled “Telling your stories through travel photography” and here’s the excerpt in a nutshell:

In an industry filled with thousands of bloggers writing about travel and trying to stand out, optimizing the quality of images you take and post will not only better illustrate your travel experiences, but also exponentially improve the quality of content you deliver as a travel blogger.

This session is for any blogger who is serious about taking their travel photography to the next level regardless of equipment and whose willing to consider practical and interesting offbeat tips for photography.


  • Bloggers will walk away with solid tips on how to better photograph people, landmarks, children, food, and night scenes creatively.
  • Bloggers will go back to some core basics to learn what truly makes a photo memorable, some interesting compositional techniques, as well as how to pick which ones to illustrate their stories and photo essays.
  • This session will help bloggers start the process of developing and sharpening their creative eyes.

A day before the session, I’ll also be leading an afternoon photo walk alongside wonderful local Toronto photographer David Goorevitch. I’m looking forward to learning from and seeing Toronto through his eyes as well.

For a teaser, definitely check out this guest post I wrote on TBEX’s blog about avoiding sneak shots if you want to be a better travel photographer. Check it out. It’s been generating a lot of discussion.