Last month, I’d written about a French Magazine that had gotten in touch with me regarding using a photograph for an upcoming spread.

Well, I finally got a copy of the edition, and here’s the result:


This is what the original photograph looked like. Very cool.


UPDATE: Tanya from the fabulous, all-things-French blog, Parisian Spring has graciously provided a translation of the article below:

Main text: Why do rotten fish smell so bad? It’s because fish contain a substance known as Trimethylamine N-oxide (what a mouthful!), which starts to smell badly once it’s dead.When we don’t eat our fish right away or if they are poorly conserved it gets worse.

Ew! That stinks! But it’s a good thing that it happens: the human nose recognizes and has learned to hate this smell. It serves as a warning! We know we should avoid eating a fish that smells so bad because it is probably no longer fresh and risks making us sick.

Caption: Yum…Surstromming! This Swedish specialty of pickled herring smells so much that flies show up as soon as the can is open!