Postcard: Tranquil

During an outreach program in Nicaragua, our Spanish translator Freddy takes a quick nap while leaning on a tree – his strong facial profile against the backdrop of volcanoes in the distance instantly transports you to Latin America, giving you a sense of place.

Postcard: Get Up, Stand Up

This shot was taken in Nicaragua. At first glance, you’d think she’d seen something disturbing in the distance, prompting her to get up. On the contrary, this picture captured those few seconds when our faces contort while we’re trying to switch postions – be it getting up, sitting down, kneeling, etc. If you liked this …

Postcard: Aquatic Therapy

While I’m traveling for two weeks, here are a couple favorite shots for the postcard series. While in Bermuda earlier this year, we went to watch a dolphin show. I watched as the trainers gave the dolphins massages preparing them for the show.