North America

This section spotlights travel experiences, articles, and photography covering places and regions I’ve explored in the United States and Canada.

Postcard: For the Love of Cupcakes

Haaa. Cupcakes. Those decadent miniatures of goodness that can draw out a smile from even the grouchiest of us all. Just wrapped up a yummy article for a major travel site that had me researching these perfect portions of bliss. As part of the assignment, I visited a local bakery which has gained quite some popularity…including a spot on a recent American Express commercial.

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Postcard: Land of Opportunity

Seeing him appear on the screen addressing collective hopes and fears in a coherent fashion provides a daily dose of inspiration, and speaks to what we can achieve if we only believe. The next month is one of transition… a major one. Photo shot at […]

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Postcard: Goaaaal!

Any true football (soccer) fan knows that West African teams usually display some pretty cool acrobatics on the field after a goal or two. Last weekend was no different, even though it was a small pick up game played by a group of Nigerian friends […]

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Postcard: With This Ring

Wedding cakes teem with creativity – from lavish multilayer masterpieces to the most bizarre accessories and trimmings. This simple, two layered white cake served at a friend’s wedding in Virginia spotted a fun little miniature with the bride dragging the groom along. I hardly ever […]

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Postcard: I Pledge Allegiance

The presiding officer begins the ceremony. He introduces himself. He is very Polish. He’d probably been in this hall before, glaring up at his own presiding officer in eager anticipation. His speech is cookie-cutter and he is running through the motions, but the glint in […]

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