Postcard: For the Love of Cupcakes

Haaa. Cupcakes. Those decadent miniatures of goodness that can draw out a smile from even the grouchiest of us all. Just wrapped up a yummy article for a major travel site that had me researching these perfect portions of bliss. As part of the assignment, I visited a local bakery which has gained quite some popularity…including a spot on a recent American Express commercial.

Postcard: Land of Opportunity

Seeing him appear on the screen addressing collective hopes and fears in a coherent fashion provides a daily dose of inspiration, and speaks to what we can achieve if we only believe. The next month is one of transition… a major one. Photo shot at Ladew Gardens, Maryland.

Postcard: Goaaaal!

Any true football (soccer) fan knows that West African teams usually display some pretty cool acrobatics on the field after a goal or two. Last weekend was no different, even though it was a small pick up game played by a group of Nigerian friends who’ve been playing every Sunday for the last 10 years.

Postcard: With This Ring

Wedding cakes teem with creativity – from lavish multilayer masterpieces to the most bizarre accessories and trimmings. This simple, two layered white cake served at a friend’s wedding in Virginia spotted a fun little miniature with the bride dragging the groom along. I hardly ever see cakes with miniature brides and grooms anymore. Though cliche, …