I realize I haven’t shared a latest news and updates post in awhile and it’s for a good reason. There are so many things cooking up behind the scenes (including a super exciting phone call this week!). But as with all announcements, once the ink dries on each collaboration, I’ll share more about it in an effort not to jinx it.

But the first one I’m really excited about is Adventure.com – a publication I love and thoroughly enjoy. I’ve written several pieces in the past (see below) as well as taken over their Instagram feed twice before.

I had actually been mulling over possibly reaching out to contribute more, but as if by telepathy, Adventure.com’s editor-in-chief Kathleen Rellihan reached out to bring me on board as a featured contributor.

What this means?

This means having a wider platform to share my stories. All those travel narratives I’ve been wanting to write for years, but never could fully find the right home for. A place to share how I explore culture through food, tradition and lifestyle with a healthy dose of soft adventure throw in. A space to share more of my travel photography and the way I observe and process the world through my lens.

So, I’ll be regularly paid to contribute two features and an Instagram social media takeover every month.

Why Adventure.com?

This blurb from Adventure.com itself pretty much sums up why this partnership was perfect for me.

Adventure.com is a home for stories that haven’t been told before, while keeping the content and voice accessible and inclusive. We’re at the forefront of our field with what’s new and noteworthy in adventure travel and trends. We also feature trailblazers in the adventure travel space with interviews, features and profiles of innovators and entrepreneurs changing travel, personalities, humanitarians, photographers, authors, and more.

We want to broaden the scope of what ‘adventure’ means. It doesn’t have to mean ‘hard’ adventure—think street food tours and wildlife as well as glacier trekking and summit climbs.

*What we’re not: Too packaged—we steer away from “dumbing down” travel stories/news for our audience. We’re interested in conversations versus clickbait. Adventure.com strives to find angles and stories that aren’t being told in the adventure travel world.

Needless to say, I am thrilled to be on board with a publication where values align and can’t wait to share more stories with you.

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