Introducing Geotraveler Media Academy

The world is waiting for you to show up.

I’m thrilled to share the promo video of my new academy called Geotraveler Media Academy which I am working hard on launching very soon. In case you’re wondering where the name “Geotraveler Media” came from, it’s the name of my Sweden-based agency.

I’ve given a lot of talks and taught a lot of sessions and workshops over the years and now, I’m finally pooling all those resources and knowledge into courses – a mixture of complimentary resources, self-guided courses, and interactive masterclasses as well as opportunities for mentorship, one-on-one coaching sessions, and portfolio reviews.

My topics will range from storytelling and pitching to photography and selling your work, but the thread running through all will be connection. Creating meaningful and deep connections with the people you encounter reflects itself in your work.

The goal of my academy will be to help you discover or re-discover your own voice and guiding you in sharing it with the world.

Check out my promotion video below.

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