Workshop: How to become a Master Travel Writer

I was recently talking to a friend over lunch about pursuing what makes your heart sing. About fighting for what you know you were meant to be doing even if the path seems challenging and packed with competition.

For me, it’s sharing the world through my lens and words in a way that facilitates cultural understanding and respect for each other.

The first time I realized I wanted to be a travel writer, I was deep in the forests of Fiji with a burning itch to share what lay in front of me with the world. And when I did eventually branch into travel writing, I muddled along for so many years and wished I had access to such a wonderful opportunity to work with Amanda Castleman back then.


Because I recently had the exquisite privilege of working with her as editor on my book, Due North, and I emerged on the other side of the process so much stronger in just a few weeks!

Travel Writing Master Class

Run by the profilic writer, editor and photographer Amanda Castleman, this 10-week online workshop will exponentially improve your writing prose and help you hone your unique voice and perspective.

Through the course, you will:

Explore imagery and epiphanies apt to an area.

Sharpen your eye for timely angles and compelling quests.

Push your plot arcs further.

Master the interweaving of action, analysis and reflection.

“From broadcast basics to longer-form narrative, this course helps intermediate to expert authors refine their games. We’ll delve into the sound of words on the page, as well as how to capture the best quotes from locals and experts,” shares Castleman. “The class will even touch upon investigative tactics: when to tuck that press pass in your hat band… and when to meditate and read poetry for inspiration. Finally, you’ll refine your cutting, redrafting and re-purposing skills, exploring the same material through different lenses.”

So, if you want to get to the next level in your travel writing, I highly recommend you sign up for this opportunity to have direct access to Amanda Castleman and her wealth of knowledge and expertise.

The next course starts September 1st so hurry!

Learn more about the Master Class Travel Writing workshop and sign up for just $50 per week (10 week course)!