This section spotlights travel experiences, articles, and photography covering places and regions I’ve explored in Africa.

Postcard: The Beginning

One traditional engagement in Lagos down, one white wedding in Sweden to go. The last 9-10 days have been surreal with such a rush of activity. Lots of stories. Lots of photos. Once I get back to Stockholm next week, I’ll definitely be writing a […]

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Postcard: Get On Your Boots

So I’ve been rocking to the latest U2 album, No Line On The Horizon, which I reviewed over at Matador Goods. Their new drop is lyrically solid with their first single “Get On Your Boots” being a sort of empowerment anthem – get up, take […]

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Growing up in Nigeria

Ever wondered what its like to be a child growing up in Africa? Despite all the visions of despair flashed across TVs on a daily basis, there are tiny pockets of hope sprouting everyday and people move about their daily lives. Recently wrote a short […]

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Forgotten In Our Backyard

Standing back, watching personalities emerge with glee, I studied each child. Under the humid August summer in Lagos, Nigeria, they were playing a pickup game of soccer in the little dusty yard of the orphanage. I remembered a few faces – older and leaner – […]

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Postcard: The Wedding Guest

Attending a friend’s wedding in Lagos, Nigeria was a prime spot for people watching. Guests arrived in various , colorful traditional attires. One of my favorites was this little guest wearing a small gele – Yoruba headtie – paired with traditional lace sewn in an […]

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Transitions Abroad: Africa Issue

Be sure to check out the latest issue of Transitions Abroad’s Webzine – Focus: Africa and the Middle East. Besides providing the magazine’s cover photograph of the little Nigerian girl with tiro around her eyes, I also wrote the following two articles: – Volunteer Effectively […]

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