This section spotlights travel experiences, articles, and photography covering places and regions I’ve explored in Africa.

Walkway to Nowhere

“You this idiot man!” Seyi yells at Samson. “Why are you listening to Fashola?” Samson is leaning in close to a parked car, listening to the governor’s latest decree about motorcycle taxis called okadas. The governor’s voice blasts from the radio through the driver’s open […]

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Postcard: Fresh Fruit

Ha. Succulent Nigerian oranges. Stacked on trays and peeled on the spot just for you. Those of you who have traveled around Africa (or even South America and Asia) would recognize this familiar sight. Fruit vendors walk through markets and other public spaces balancing trays […]

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The Reader in 26A

The Reader Beady eyes stared back at me from the window seat as I switched seats after takeoff en route to Amsterdam. Our flight was barely full and there was a large, sweaty man causing a scene, yelling at the flight attendant for not letting […]

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Photo Gallery: Nigeria 2009

900+ photographs later, here are just a few – about 120 photos for online viewing (low resolution versions). Choosing favorites was quite difficult as there are so many photo essays and stories in there that I’m still compiling – View 2009 Nigeria Gallery. I haven’t […]

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Lagos In Numbers

From power outages to giant African snails, head over to the Matador Network to check out a synopsis of my recent trip to Lagos – in numbers. Currently sorting through the photographs (500+). More soon.

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