Poverty Around Us

This is a scene along Victoria Island, considered to be one of Lagos’ high end suburbs in Nigeria. Nested between million dollar homes are wooden shacks and dwindling infrastructure which never fail to break one’s heart on each trip back home. Children hawk goods while their parents struggle to make ends meet. They live day to day, wondering if they’d wake to see another one.

The troughs of aggressive capitalism in a land which may not be too ready is evident all around. The rich get richer, the poor poorer, and both coexist almost in an acceptance of each others’ fate.

Sometimes, the gravity of it all seems so overwhelming. How far would my little earnings go in helping others? What can I do to alleviate someone else’s suffering?

These thoughts have ravaged me so these past few months. I could be doing much more. I was born to do much more than click away happily at a cushy job which, gratefully, has funded my travel and volunteer experiences through income.

Over a hearty lunch yesterday, it hit my partner and I. Millions were starving and here we were digging into more than our natural fill of food. No doubt our 2009 travels will center around volunteerism.

But it starts today.

Today is 2008 Blog Action Day- Poverty. Take Action. Even if it starts with just heightening your awareness of the world around you.