Next: Heading to Emilia Romagna, Italy

Seafood pasta in Italy - Photography by Lola Akinmade Akerstrom

I’m heading back to Italy once more next week and specifically the region of Emilia Romagna this time around.

As you all know by the now, my main focus as a travel writer and photographer centers around travel cultures, people and their lifestyles including markets as well as local food and culinary traditions surrounding gastronomy. So I’m quite excited to be exploring this part of Italy including the cities of Bologna, Modena, Ravenna, Cesenatico, Rimini, and more villages and towns along the way.

Beyond meeting and experiencing local producers of balsamic vinegar, parmigiano cheese, and gelato, I’ll also be visiting local artisans who make mosaics, terracota, and traditional linens. Throw in a classic Italian cooking class, various historic farmers’ markets, a fish auction market, and more exploration of the region, and I really can’t wait to start connecting with people, documenting their stories primarily through photography, and organically soaking up what Emilia Romagna will also whisper to me amidst it all.

Preparing Parmesan in Reggio Emilia  |  Photographer: Giuliano Bianchini, Alta Media
Preparing Parmesan in Reggio Emilia | Photographer: Giuliano Bianchini, Alta Media

The goal is to “eat, feel and live like a local in Italy”, and so I will be sharing an apartment, setting my own itinerary with suggestions from locals, and will be exploring the region freely. Hope you travel along to Italy with me next week.

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