20 surreal photos of Nuuk, Greenland

When a snowstorm rolls over the capital of Greenland, Nuuk…

I sat alone in a cosy cabin perched atop a small hill on the banks of Nuuk fjord. Locals called it Ghost City because the sprawling view of the bay is obstructed from the other side of my hill. You’d never know there was something spectacular on the other side until you crossed over it. Dotted with four cabins enough to accommodate about 16 people in total, the grounds were stark and quiet.

I was the only guest.

Staring out large curtain-less windows into the dark night, I watched moonlight bounce off snow-covered Sermitsiaq Mountain and the small island of Qasigiannguit across the bay in the capital of Greenland. Moonbeams illuminated the surrounding landscape enough for me to see waves furiously leap and bend to the wind. The occasional cawing of a seabird or flapping of a wooden panel cut through its howl. Cocooned by the warmth of being indoors, I still felt restless. Across from where I sat was a large yellowing polar bear fur-throw strewn across a wooden sofa-like bench. Surrealist paintings of abstract polar bears intertwined with deities graced the walls of my modest cabin.

Outside, the wind howled.

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