Grekland Panorama in Stockholm


Since my small taste of Greece through Athens and the seaside town of Parga, I’ve been itching to go back and I’ll probably hop around the Greek Isles this year with the family.

So when Grekland Panorama – a tourism, culture, and gastronomy travel fair dedicated solely to Greece and Cyprus – came to Stockholm in mid February, I carted the family with me and we headed over to Globen to explore the different islands and boards represented. For two full days, Globen felt like a snow globe filled with Greek culture as we all milled around amidst the scents of rosemary, herbs, olives, and meats being grilled for gyros and souvlaki.

This was the second exhibition of Grekland Panorama based on last year’s success and this year, there were over 350 performances, over 200,000 participants from 17 countries, five unique performances with the Apology of Socrates – “SOCRATES NOW” – which was performed from February 13-17 in English with Swedish subtitles for the public. The internationally recognizedPlato trial of Socrates was a monologue performed by renowned award-winning performer, Professor Yannis Simonides.

From traditional folk dancers and Greek Orthodox priests to lamb souvlaki, olive oil tasting stations, fried halloumi cheese, and close to fifty varieties of marinated olives, I  met representatives from across the country and definitely ate my way through the Greek Isles.

I’m looking forward to going back and spending more time there with my troop. Especially focusing on the themes of local gastronomony, agrotourism, slow food, indigenous culture, and traditions.

Here are some photos from Grekland Panorama. All photos shot with my iPhone. Navigating a packed fair with two strollers meant my DSLRs stayed at home.










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