Photography by Lola Akinmade Åkerström

I got to meet Nora (Professional Hobo) in person last month. Finally getting a chance to hug her multiple times after knowing each other online since 2007 (maybe even bits of 2006), we got a chance to talk about our journeys.

About the different routes and paths we’ve all taken; striving towards our different goals as travelers, writers, photographers, and bloggers.

One thing I did express to Nora was, despite all the work I’ve been blessed to be able to do, I also feel like I could be sharing a lot more, especially insights into life as a black expat here in Sweden. After all, half of my life was spent as an expat-turned-citizen in the US before moving to Sweden to start the next phase of my life as an expat again.

This blog first started off as an online resume showcasing some narrative writing and photography. As freelancing work has picked up, I feel like I’ve gotten away from those random musings and travel anecdotes I loved to share on here. I still do a lot of narrative writing for others, but I want to bring some snippets back home.

While I sincerely respect and admire other bloggers who can share intimate details and private photographs, I probably won’t be sharing too many juicy details and snaps unless I feel it’s relevant to the piece and helpful to others in any way. Even though I think my husband is an absolute stud, he’s also fiercely private.

Over the last two years, I’ve been finding my personal footing here in Sweden – from learning, unlearning, and relearning Swedish to setting up my own business, making sure all legal paperwork is in order, finding local freelancing work, and more importantly, settling into life as a wife, lover, and partner.

I’ve had to say “I’m sorry, but no” to so many sweet opportunities, initiatives, and exciting trips because I’ve had to re-prioritize.

And this has done wonders for my sanity and productivity in so many ways.

So while I’m purposefully winding down my international travels for the rest of the year (plan on gearing up again come Spring 2012), I’ll be focusing on continuing my Intermediate Swedish studies this fall, writing more narratives from existing backlogs, freelancing as usual, photographing, and faithfully continuing my weekly comic strip – Office Supplies – The Comic© (many of you probably had no idea I was unleashing my inner geek this way).

And of course, I hope to share snippets and photographs of my experiences as an expat here in Sweden.