Postcard: Catch Me If You Want To

Shot during the famous San Fermin festival in Spain – commonly known as the Running of the Bulls, thousands of revelers meant thousands of photo ops at every turn. A clearly drunk reveler backflips off the fountain into the crowd below, hoping they would catch him. And this wasn’t the craziest act I witnessed….

Postcard: Honey?

Observing animals can be quite as interesting as humans – from smiling alpacas and synchronized guinea fowls to monkeys guzzling down soda. Taken in Norrbotten (Sweden) over the summer, I kept wondering what these cows must have been thinking or saying to themselves. My caption – Honey? What on earth is she wearing?! Any ideas …

Postcard: Boys Will Be Boys

I happened upon these two little boys while walking towards Mermaid Quay in Cardiff. What reeled me in was their dispositions – The taunting from the brother on the left had been going on for awhile, and in typical kiddie fashion, probably continued after I walked away.


I needed some fresh air. A twelve hour ride up to Swedish Lapland along the High Coast had left me with a nasty cold…. after winding down my window close to 50 times to take scenic pictures against the rushing wind!. We drove to the little town of Älvsbyn – the pearl of Norrbotten – …