This section spotlights travel experiences, articles, and photography covering places and regions I’ve explored in all parts of Europe – North, South, East, and West.

Postcard: At Your Service

Travelers know getting stone-faced soldiers or guards on duty to smile can be quite the feat. I remember this Czech guard in Prague and his coy smile from behind the gates. One of my favorite travel moments. This shot was taken with an old point-and-shot […]

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I needed some fresh air. A twelve hour ride up to Swedish Lapland along the High Coast had left me with a nasty cold…. after winding down my window close to 50 times to take scenic pictures against the rushing wind!. We drove to the […]

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Postcard: Happily Ever After

As a travel photojournalist, I strive to tell stories with every picture I take instead of looking for technically perfect shots.This picture taken in Riga, Latvia is one of my favorites from the collection. People casually stroll by in the park as the groom and […]

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What does surströmming smell and taste like?

It was inevitable. Six pairs of eyes stared back at me in anticipation. My giddy laughter turned to whimpering of fear before a few tears fell as I bit into the foulest smelling dish I’d ever tried. What does surströmming smell and taste like? I […]

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The ol’ catchup game

After two weeks traveling, its back to the daily grind – catching up on hundreds of email (junk already excluded). The last couple days saw me in Nigeria, as well as a few days spent way up in Norrbotten. As I sort through a ton […]

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Postcard: Timeless

While I’m traveling for two weeks, here are a couple favorite shots for the postcard series. Years ago while roaming the cobbled streets of Krakow, Poland, I ran into a couple nuns who seemed to be having so much fun as they shared ice-cream and […]

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