Edinburgh: Walking the royal mile

Edinburgh Castle looms over the modern city as a present day reminder of the beauty, power, and depth of history that is Scotland itself.

To be taken back to those historic times is as simple as crossing the street from New town to Old town Edinburgh. The royal mile runs from Edinburgh to Holyrood Palace.

Old town Edinburgh is breathtaking.

Standing in a dungeon that once held prisoners in Edinburgh castle hundreds of years ago is an eerie feeling everyone must experience. Staring in awe at the crown jewels in a dark lit room incites a feeling of reverence.

Strolling down that old mile that kings and queens hundreds of years ago once crossed was amazing, watching the Holyrood Palace guards train in their kilts was exciting, and finally taking in the entire city from Arthur’s Seat, one of the high peaks in Holyrood Park across from the palace attests to the fact that Edinburgh is one of the most mesmerizing cities in the world.