Yes, its a single mission, and its called “Focus“.

I could easily compile a visionary list of good intentions, only to get to December 2009 and wonder which ones I actually kept.

So, with 2009 comes a new way of looking at things. My operative word will be focus and in turn, tangible benefits will readily appear. Unnecessary situations and relationships will naturally be filtered out as I focus on what needs to be done at each moment and the tasks at hand.

Focusing on God’s word means I’ll turn to him for advice first.

Focusing on family and true friends means they’ll take higher priority in my life.

Focusing on my health means I’ll work some regular exercise in and nourish my body with some great nutrients and antioxidants.

Following the old adage, “first things first“, I’ll focus on finishing key tasks before moving on to the next. This will in turn curb procrastination.

Keeping multitasking to a manageable minimum means I’ll focus on giving 100% to each task including my true passions – painting, writing, photography, etc.

Focusing on servitude means I’ll give and share even more.

Focusing on……You get the picture.

2008 was my year to realign efforts into a few key passions and relationships. Opportunities will undoubtedly pop up in 2009, but instead of chasing every one down, I will focus on those that align with my true purpose and passions.

2009 is my year to continue focusing .