This section spotlights travel experiences, articles, and photography covering places and regions I’ve explored in all parts of Europe – North, South, East, and West.

Postcard: Fatten Up on Semlor

There’s no better culinary way to celebrate Fat Tuesday than digging into a stuffed semla – a cardamon-spiced wheat bun filled with gooey almond paste and topped off with the heaviest whipped cream in town. This Scandinavian pastry is designed to fatten you up in […]

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Postcard: Church Hunting

And thus begins the search for the perfect location. Scurrying briskly in the chilly winter evening, we crisscross the city, gravitating towards every steeple we catch in the distance. Magnificent buildings, subpar surroundings. Excellent surroundings, rather mundane buildings. Until we find her. She is beautiful […]

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Postcard: Amidst the Flames

We’ve all taken photos at some point where images and other oddities are “captured” in addition to our subjects. I remember once while alone in a cell in Auschwitz, I was having problems with my flash. Once I finally got it working, I snapped the […]

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Walking the Royal Mile

Edinburgh Castle looms over the modern city as a present day reminder of the beauty, power, and depth of history that is Scotland itself.

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Gearing Up for Winter

As unnatural as snow and ice feels to my being, ironically I always find myself in Sweden during deep, dark winters or  nippy autumns. Rushing to the embassy with that familiar spring of excitement to my step, I’ve pretty much nailed down the protocol. Was […]

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