This section spotlights travel experiences, articles, and photography covering places and regions I’ve explored in all parts of Europe – North, South, East, and West.

Postcard: Changing Times

Two young ladies stroll down the main pedestrian drag in Riga, sporting traditional Latvian attire. This picture left me asking so many questions. Where were they coming from? Were they performers? Were they heading over to McDonalds for a quick bite?

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Postcard: I’ve Got Your Back

On a trip to Lisbon, Portugal, I happened upon some sort of celebration. There were hundreds of police officers lined up in an endless sea of blue. But what I found more intriguing was the team of SWAT officers protecting the officers in blue.

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Postcard: Unwritten Law

Hungary – Taken somewhere in the Buda district in Budapest, I stumbled across this police officer standing in front of a round white and red sign. There were no clear inscriptions on the round sign and I wasn’t sure what the officer was looking out […]

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Travel Photography – Those Little Details

October was busy with lots of writing, photography and new leads underway. In a sense, it also involved re-evaluating on what level of detail I needed to work on due to deadlines and workload. Sorting through my portfolio of travel photography, I stumbled across this […]

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Postcard: Catch Me If You Want To

Shot during the famous San Fermin festival in Spain – commonly known as the Running of the Bulls, thousands of revelers meant thousands of photo ops at every turn. A clearly drunk reveler backflips off the fountain into the crowd below, hoping they would catch […]

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Postcard: Honey?

Observing animals can be quite as interesting as humans – from smiling alpacas and synchronized guinea fowls to monkeys guzzling down soda. Taken in Norrbotten (Sweden) over the summer, I kept wondering what these cows must have been thinking or saying to themselves. My caption […]

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