This section spotlights travel experiences, articles, and photography covering places and regions I’ve explored in all parts of Europe – North, South, East, and West.

Postcard: Rotund Oxford

I kind of miss my detachable $40 (yup!) fisheye lens used with the old Nikon 40. It attaches itself to the end of another lens, and distorts the view. Shot during a trip to Oxford for a wonderful wedding, the rotund shape of Radcliffe Camera […]

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Postcard: Perspective

One of my favorite travel portraits, this was captured in Riga, Latvia. I could have easily shot the stunning glass windows and architecture as is, but I waited for at least five minutes, waiting and watching the old Latvian lady as she slowly walked by […]

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Postcards: Nautica

While I recoup in London and catch up on stories to tell and photos to share, here are just a few fun pics from the Baltic cruise. Supersized Crawfish The Swedish equivalent of N-Sync. Yep. On board as well. Taking a leisure stroll. Waterfront property […]

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Guardian UK: Pack Your Sweet Tooth

Crispy buttery crusts filled with gooey, decadent pastes. Sugary marzipan tarts topped with heavy whipped cream. All consumed while sipping black coffee. You’d think we were partaking in Paris’ revered café culture. Who knew Stockholm had such a sweet tooth?! Read the rest of my […]

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Postcard: Fatten Up on Semlor

There’s no better culinary way to celebrate Fat Tuesday than digging into a stuffed semla – a cardamon-spiced wheat bun filled with gooey almond paste and topped off with the heaviest whipped cream in town. This Scandinavian pastry is designed to fatten you up in […]

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