HomeAway Breakfast - Food Photography by Lola Akinmade Akerstrom

I love a good hotel breakfast buffet but after about the third day, there are only so many combinations you can try before boredom sets in (I know, first world problem). So having our fully equipped HomeAway apartment kitchen to cook up our own bootleg version of an English breakfast was a welcome change.

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  • @Perlina – Yes, just a glimpse 🙂 I’ll be using her little toy to symbolize her on the blog. I personally love those English breakfasts though they’re sooo unhealthy though.

    @Adeola – Ha! Thanks. On the menu for baby – boob milk for lunch, breakfast, dinner, and in between snacking.

    @Andi – Thanks lady!

  • Delicious!!!!!! Love this shot!

  • Lovely. And what is baby having for breakfast? Cute pix!

  • perlina

    Oh finally we see a little bit of your little girl. You know i live in Paris, my culture is french even if i grew up in different countries, but i always asked to myself how english can eat like that for breakfast ? Sausages, bacon…