Swedish Red Cross - Photo by Lola Akinmade

I’ve started volunteering with the Swedish Red Cross as a photojournalist in between writing/photography gigs, and will be sharing highlights from various projects and assignments once in a while. Tasks include documenting field projects, covering specific events, and writing up some project summaries in English for the International Red Cross.

  • @Fly Girl – My dream would be to work for them as a fulltime photojournalist.

    @Erica – I just sent the branch an email introducing myself. I asked if they needed a photographer, at least a volunteer one and they did.

    @Zaki – Thanks so much! It truly is very easy to get wrapped up in making more money and losing our humanity in the process. Money doesn’t equal success.

  • I respect you, to be volunteer in Red Cross means to help people, children, nature…Such people like make this world better, showing that there are still people who are not interested only in money but in sympathy and love
    Thank you

  • I look forward to seeing more from your volunteer experiences with the Red Cross. How did you get this opportunity?

  • That’s wonderful Lola. THe Red Cross is one of the charities that I always support, especially with all the natural disasters happening.