Fireworks in Stockholm

Happy New Year!

  • @Tanya – Happy new year to you too!

    @Fly Girl – Thanks! Definitely looking forward to an energizing 2010

    @Sonya – You’re welcome. Anytime.

    @AdventureRob – A tripod is key to low light photography! Happy new year

    @Erica – Thanks!

  • Erica Johansson

    Beautiful. Looks like you had a great New Year’s!

  • Awesome photos Lola, I struggled to capture fireworks on NYE here (no wind so the smoke didn’t blow away which didn’t help). Happy new year.

  • Thanks for sharing this evocative postcard series!

  • These pix are so exciting and engaging! I hope they reflect the energy of 2010!

  • Looks like the perfect winter wonderland. Happy New Year!

  • @Reeti – Many thanks and congrats again on your Matador scholarship!

    @Adrienne – Absolutely! My brain is yours for the picking. Definitely let me know if/when you guys come here.

    @Ekua – Thanks!

    @Alyssa – No worries at all. Definitely send more ideas my way.

    @Sarah – I need to make it down to Oaxaca one of these days. Happy New Year to you and Jorge too!

  • Gorgeous! Makes me long for the atmosphere of cold climes. Grass is always greener…;) Happy New Year!

  • Lola, great photos! Such an energy and beauty to them.

    Thanks for all of your help getting the Goods article edited and up 🙂


  • Wow, these really are great shots!

  • I just showed my my mum your pictures! So beautiful. Seriously — If Dayo ends up getting into this course in Sweden this year I will be picking your brain left and right for helpful information.

    Happy New Year!!

  • Wow Lola! Spectacular! We actually witnessed a Blue Moon yesterday in Calcutta 😀 Happy New Year 🙂

  • @Megan – Thanks! I currently use a Nikon D300 and I’m still learning all its little controls and capabilities.

    @Julie – Thanks and same to you!

  • Amazing photos! Thanks for the tips on exposure, etc. I am still a baby photographer. What kind of camera do you use?

  • Love these! Happy 2010, Lola!

  • @Drew – Thanks! Yes, I used L0.3 to 200 ISO and a tripod. The lower the ISO, the better. If I’d actually left the balcony to go outside, I would have gotten better angles but man! the cold.

  • georgeous pictures, tripod/long exposures?