Seafood at the fish market in Gothenburg, West Sweden

Ever since I found out about the shellfish journeys in West Sweden several years ago, this experience has been on the back of my mind.

In a nutshell, “shellfish journeys” are popular seafood safaris through West Sweden along the Bohuslän coast  where you go in search of the region’s own Big Five – lobsters, oysters, mussels, crawfish, and prawns. You hop on fishing boats to haul lobsters and crawfish from the depths, farm for oysters and mussels in sea beds, and follow these crustaceans all the way to dinner plates.

Now, for those of who follow my work, you probably already know about my mild obsession with the culture surrounding fish markets and fish auctions, fishmongers, fishermen/fisherwomen, and seafood in general.

So needless to say, I’m looking forward to exploring Gothenburg again and West Sweden as part of the Culinary Academy of Sweden this weekend. Though I’ve visited Gothenburg a couple times before both for work and for personal reasons, my previous work trip to Gothenburg was part of a guidebook update for Fodor’s + article for BBC Travel and I got to explore the city’s local cuisine and iconic restaurants.


A few of the culinary experiences on tap I’ll be exploring as part of the academy include:

  • Meeting chef Johan Malm, the current Nordic Oyster Opening Champion (World Champion in 2010).
  • Visiting Sweden’s biggest fish auction to learn about the Swedish fish industry and local fish species in West Sweden.
  • Cooking mussels at Musselbaren in Ljungskile, including visiting mussel farms, harvesting fresh mussels and then cooking them in the restauarant.
  • Exploring Smögen  which is home to one of Sweden’s few remaining fish auctions, where you can buy fresh fish, shrimps and other seafood.
  • Going on a crayfish safari where we’ll head out to pull up crayfish pots before cooking and tasting freshly-caught crayfish.
  • Fishing for crayfish in the Göta Canal and having a traditional Swedish crayfish party.
  • Meeting local producers of microbrews, artisan cheese, and crispy bread, as well as other slow food advocates and exploring local specialties.

You can check out previous stories and photos from my past culinary tour through Gothenburg in what I called The Gothenburg Files and you can read more about Sweden’s culinary capital on my editorial site, Slow Travel Stockholm.

During the new trip, I’ll be sharing live snippets and photos on my main social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – using the following hashtags – #CulinarySweden, #WestSweden, #Gothenburg – where appropriate so please follow along!