Camera Bag - Lola Akinmade


I don’t consider myself a gear-head who is always chasing the latest models and versions of electronics because I believe you can compose and create absolutely beautiful photographs with whatever equipment you have.

That said, since I do this professionally, I’ve put together a list of cameras and lenses I currently own. I primarily use Nikon cameras and I’m pretty comfortable with the brand in addition to their Nikkor lenses. While I do have accessories (tripod, remote release, etc) as well as a mobile studio with external flash speedlight, diffuser softboxes, lights, and reflectors, I prefer to use and shoot with natural light.

The list below links to my Amazon store and if you’d like to buy any of the cameras or lenses below, it’s at no additional cost to you. I do however get a small affiliate fee should you choose to buy through the store, and I’d definitely appreciate your support.


I do have a few items on my wish list and before I upgrade gear, I always make sure I’m getting some form of return on investment to justify the expense. I’m always open to reviewing gear and partnering with camera and photo accessory companies so please drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.