Going into 2019, I had reached a breaking point where I was feeling stuck personally and professionally.

I was still very productive. I was churning out work which, on paper, felt like a dream job and I was being of full service to others.

But personally, I felt I was spinning around in the same circles where I wasn’t necessarily advancing or retreating either.

I wasn’t growing or evolving.

I had reached a plateau. 

I had become complacent by accepting what is because it works.

And then I joined my friend Yomi Abiola’s Great to Greater Mastermind which brought in powerful women in their respective fields into a healing space where we could be completely vulnerable and honest with each other. 

We were able to share our hopes, fears, wants, needs, and fully own them all.

That mastermind came at the right time in my life and it springboarded me off that plateau of comfort. Even though I had privately and personally started doing the work I needed to do internally, that transparent group accountability kept me going. It held me to my word and empowered me to do the work. That mastermind was like the extra gasoline I needed under my slow simmering ideas to finally make them burn brightly.

Importance of a Mastermind - Brilliant Minds Symposium with Supermodel Naomi Campbell
With supermodel and legend Naomi Campbell

Within a span of a few months since joining that Mastermind, I was introduced to my amazing agent literary Jessica Craig as well as introduced to women-ownership think tank Ownershift, which brought me to the exclusive invite-only Brilliant Minds founded by Spotify founder and CEO, Daniel Ek, and serial entrepreneur, Arash Pournouri. 

Think the likes of President Barack Obama, Secretary John Kerry, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Naomi Campbell.

You can read my latest interview with Ownershift here.

In short, being a part of that mastermind with other powerful women, sharing so rawly and transparently while holding each other accountable, showed me I needed to be operating on a different wavelength and more importantly, better curating the energy I surround myself with. 

Hence, my focus word for 2020 -> Energy

I wasn’t manifesting at the level where I needed to be manifesting to foster my evolution.

In addition to our lifelong friendships and connections as part of The Greater Mastermind, I am now in other work-specific masterminds with fellow veteran writers within the travel industry where we hold each other accountable, provide honest feedback, and give each other space to be completely vulnerable. I am also a part of The Fem League community, which is committed to changing the narrative of women in society.

A mastermind is a holistic investment in your evolution – personally, professionally, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Who knows… I may create my own industry-specific masterminds in the future. I’m about to launch my academy and will offer opportunities for career coaching.

Right now though, I want to continue to grow in wider spaces – a fish in a much larger sea, not a pond – where I evolve because I witness possibility every single day.

Important of a Mastermind

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