Returned today from Northern Sweden with my parents where we took what I’m now dubbing our “Arctic Road Trip”. Activities enjoyed included jumping at the Arctic circle, taking a moose farm detour, visiting the summer stuga (cottage), digging into reindeer meat, riding in a dinghy, fishing, eating surströmming, hiking, checking out Storforsen, trying all forms of lax (salmon), floating (yes!) in a Falu red cottage in the middle of a pristine lake, and lots more all in 3 days.

So I’m currently backlogged sorting through photos and stories while still entertaining the parents here in Stockholm.

Wanted to share my latest BBC essay in the meantime.

The backstory behind the photographs is pretty sweet. I was hanging with fishermen and fishmongers at Ebute Lekki (also online at BBC) when I saw a couple of  kids dressed in yellow and green uniforms walking towards the shore.

Curiosity piqued, I asked one of them, Musili, a 13-year teenager who was holding a wooden paddle where he was going.

“Home,” he replied. Across the lagoon to his village.

So I grabbed my camera and started snapping away as dozens of children loaded into wooden canoes and began their daily commute.

  • Sweet photo essay Lola. Seems like often the best stories are the ones we aren’t looking for!

  • @Zaki & Ekua

    What I admired more about these resilient kids was the fact that it wasn’t an option to them. Education is important, and these are things that are so taken for granted in the Western world. They definitely seemed to enjoy it, squabbling over who got to row, and such… just being kids.

  • What dedication it takes them and their parents for them to get to school! Access to education can often be taken for granted in the States so it’s humbling to see what people to just to make it to classroom everyday. I saw kids rowing to school in Halong Bay in Vietnam. They lived in the floating villages and rowed boats to the island for school. Seemed like they were having fun with it, they were cheery and they all waved at as.

  • It’s terrrible from one side, but from the other one these children learn all the difficulties of the life from the very childhood. This must teach them a lot. Let they be lucky in the future!