Came across this tweet by Live Unchained this morning:

@liveunchained: #words2liveby “The sky is big enough for all birds to fly without colliding.” -Yoruba proverb

Besides it resonating personally as I am Yorùbá and speak fluent Yorubenglish, it reminded me of this post I’ve been meaning to write for so long…

I love U2….and I’ll tell you why, besides the rabid fan vibes I give off to friends and family.

As an artist first, I draw inspiration from varying sources: the vibrant urgent painting style of Van Gogh; a technically imperfect photograph that evokes strong feelings within me; invigorating philosophical conversations with complete strangers; a good mucus-shooting laugh with family; a Savior who died for my sins so I may live…

With the self-diagnosed attention span of a gnat, delving into anything longer than 2,000 words, no matter how engrossing, can be a nightmare for me on another parallel.

So I personally skew towards short sentences and other condensed forms of personal expression. This means tight poignant quotes and lyrics. And most of the music lyrics that naturally appeal to me, similar to the raw soul-deep chemistry I share with my husband, have come from U2…

It is human nature to compete, no question. This constant jockeying into position to be heard or seen, to be on someone’s list (who, in the grand scheme of life, isn’t essential to your survival), to fight the feeling of irrelevance when offline for a day or two…it can be draining.

And this is quite evident within the travel community, so much so I touched on it in this post: First Things First…Know Thyself

The problem with creativity in all its forms is that it is bitterly subjective and intrinsic to the creator so competing creatively with someone else absolutely makes no sense to me.  Hence, the dichotomy of contests… which I do enter so no hypocritical judgment there.

I’m not talking bad writing grammar, poor techniques, or well deserved respect for someone else’s talents here, but rather, the way you personally choose to flow creatively.

This brings me to the lyric block below from U2’s Electrical Storm:

You’re kept awake dreaming someone else’s dream
Coffee is cold, but it’ll get you through
Compromise, that’s nothing new to you…

What have you compromised or are currently compromising subconsciously living someone else’s dream instead of yours?

I often remember my childhood dreams growing up in Lagos. They were mighty and high; challenging, stupendous, and seemed clearly out of reach. But I knew them well and they were mine. Passing years saw me frequently stray off course while growing into myself, but they remained there.

Like a moral compass slapping me back into obedience, demanding more compassion.

So what ARE my dreams, you may ask?

They really shouldn’t matter, and this isn’t an issue of transparency. The point is I’m dreaming mine and everyone should be dreaming theirs too.