PeppersRight on the heels of my spiciest foods piece for Forbes Traveler is The World’s Hottest Peppers—And Where to Eat Them which I penned for

I’d initially written the hottest peppers piece for Forbes, but it didn’t fit the magazine’s style so I was able to find a home for it on Fodor’s and start from scratch for Forbes.

Luckily the draft was sent before the deadline.

So my take-home advice for writers  is to always send the editor your draft (or at least a snippet) before the final deadline to make sure you’re on track in terms of vision.

More soon. Currently wrapping up a couple work-work projects and some preassigned pieces.

  • What a coincidence! I just read a Swedish article about the Scotville Scale and the world’s hottest peppers.

    • Hey Erica – Definitely send me a link to the Swedish piece if it’s online. What a coincidence indeed.

  • I’m off to read this. I love hot peppers!

  • Moose

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    • Thanks so much Moose! I really appreciate it and I’m glad you’ve also discovered the super cool, super dynamic Matador Network!. Definitely let me know what your profile is so I can check it out. Cheers!

  • nomadicmatt

    Congrats on all the success with all these recent articles. when does your book come out 🙂

    • Thanks Matt! Congrats on the SEO book yourself. Will let you know when it drops 😉 Hopefully with a shout-out from Oprah thrown in.