Latest News – In Bumblebee Mode

I’ve had my head down in the trenches the last few months, which in many ways is a good thing for freelancers. Not just working but actually streamlining my workflow, unsubscribing from unnecessary newsletters that keep clogging up my inboxes, finishing up articles, slowly loading photos into my image bank and Nat Geo’s Collection, wrapping up travel for the rest of the year (two more trips left), and in general, cleaning my work-house as it were.

Looking forward to what next year holds on the freelancing front as I’ve started really streamlining various aspects of my life. I usually publish these updates about 3-4 times a year so here’s the one for this last quarter.


Here are a few articles and slideshows published from the last two months as well as upcoming pieces outlined below.

Upcoming pieces – Women’s Adventure, Morning Calm/Korean Air, Travel + Leisure, Outside Online, Swedish Lapland Tourism (Photography).


I’m currently a finalist in the 2013 Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) Vanishing and Emerging Cultures category. Keeping my fingers crossed with eyes closed. The competition on that finalist list is tough. Also honored to be part of the Hot Mommas Leadership and Mentoring Project, winning the regional award for Africa.

More news later once I publish my 2013 freelancing pie charts in January 2014.