Latest News – Spain, Sápmi and Slowing Down

I don’t even know where the last months went. They were a blur of assignments, travels, hugging family in between, deadlines, and all-around craziness. Things have flown by so quickly that I haven’t even had enough time to pause and take stock of the publications, awards, speaking engagements, interviews, and projects that have come in.

2019 is coming with a serious overhaul on all fronts and they are all positive (some needed).

I have already picked out my focus word which I will share in January and there are big changes coming to my annual pitching charts as well. I will also be expanding my team and bringing on more virtual staff – rather, independent contractors – and will be announcing four (4) new positions in January.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a very quick update on what I am/was working on.

  • Got back from an amazing assignment and collaboration with Intrepid Travel and will be sharing more on that partnership soon. We’ve got cool things in the works together!
  • Just got back from a whirlwind assignment that took me to Swedish Lapland and Sápmi to explore and photograph some elements of Sámi culture for a cover story.
  • I am writing a digital book on wellness in the Costa Brava region of Spain and I just got back from the first of two trips exploring some amazing spa and relaxation experiences in the region. I am currently wrapping up editing all those photos.
  • I am deep into writing a new book – this time it’s fiction and I’m so excited about it! You can read a synopsis of it here.
  • I will be announcing two new exciting partnerships soon in January 2019 – all great fits.

Latest publications

I’ve probably forgotten to list some but here are the ones that pop right into mind:


I am currently winding down and punting out a couple deadlines before the end of the year, so I can take a solid two weeks offline. So, I’ll be back soon.

As always, thanks so much for your continued support and love!