The last few weeks have been quite busy on many fronts….ramping up on my Swedish, immersing fully in a new culture, trying to work smarter, not harder…

While I sort through more photographs from this weekend’s jaunt up north to Luleå, here’s the latest on the freelancing front..


Haven’t been pitching as much as I’d like due to other priorities, but I’ve got upcoming pieces in Heart & Soul (3 pieces, latest in Jun/Jul issue), AFAR, United’s Hemispheres (another last minute assignment), and currently working a few other leads.

Guarding The Red Sea Coast – National Geographic Traveler’s Blog (Intelligent Travel)

Photography: Making The Leap – The Travelers’ Notebook

Also been doing a couple interviews with other travel photographers and photojournalists over at the Travelers’ Notebook. Definitely check out the interviews as they share some invaluable insight and practical advice about the world of travel photography.


Super excited to be publishing a couple photo essays from Nigeria on Check out the first of three slated pieces titled “Nigerian Fishing Community” (pictured above).

Other photography upcoming on The Away Network and Transitions Abroad (future webzine cover photo).


Picked up a nomination in the People category of the 4th Annual Photography Masters Cup Color Awards.


But even more important for me is the fact that I’ve connected with both the Swedish Red Cross and United Planet and will be volunteering as a photojournalist on a few of their field projects.

This type of field-based, slice-of-life photojournalism work is where my heart truly lies, in addition to writing about experiential travel and capturing sense of place through photography.

If only I had the million dollar sponsorship to be able to do it fulltime with no worries!