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This sections includes current news on projects and campaigns I’m working on including notable news like announcements of awards and partnerships with major brands.

More Photos from Saturday

As promised, I’ve picked just a few photos from over 300 I took on Saturday – View Gallery. As a travel photographer who tries to capture true-to-life portraits of people exhibiting various forms of elation, I infused that vivid style of photography into this fashion […]

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Article on GoNOMAD: Bonfires of Valborg

Check out my latest article for GoNOMAD titled Bonfires of Valborg: The Fiery Heart of Sweden. One of my favorite pieces, it chronicles how Swedes welcome the arrival of spring with massive bonfires lighting up the landscape.

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Gadling: Busker on a Windy Day

Another one of my photos made Gadling’s Photo of the Day. Shot in Pamplona during the Running of the Bulls, this busker definitely reeled me in with his fresh style – strolling on a windy day. This is my third photographic appearance on Gadling. Check […]

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Baltimore Beyond Crabs

Life does have a tendency to come full circle. Leaving Baltimore ten years ago eager to don the “career woman” hat, I find myself moving boxes back to that familiar place. Those years were all about making my flamboyant career hat fit perfectly. Unlike earlier […]

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