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This sections includes current news on projects and campaigns I’m working on including notable news like announcements of awards and partnerships with major brands.

Baltimore Beyond Crabs

Life does have a tendency to come full circle. Leaving Baltimore ten years ago eager to don the “career woman” hat, I find myself moving boxes back to that familiar place. Those years were all about making my flamboyant career hat fit perfectly. Unlike earlier […]

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Postcard: Worlds Collide

On a weekend jaunt from Stockholm to Latvia, we spent the day exploring Riga. There was a photography exhibition right in the heart of Doma Laukums (Main Square). We spent the next half hour studying the exhibition. As we rounded a corner, there was a […]

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Photo online at Guardian UK

This photo was selected as part of the’s Been There contest finalists for August 2008. Taken in Cardiff, Wales, the little girl’s disposition – total immersion – makes you want to jump right in with her!.

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Photo on National Geographic

Quite excited to find out that one of my photos made the “August – Week 2” selection in the International Photo Contest. Check it out. It’s the first one in the group. One of my previous shots had made National Geographic’s “Your Shot” selection before.

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