The Scarcity of Breath


My emotions were mixed when I first saw this blue Peugeot lorry hurtle down a backroad in Nigeria. A loud cackle erupted. After all, this was a daily occurrence in the country’s commercial capital, Lagos.

My cackle was quickly replaced by suppressed giggles of unbelief.

And then sheer horror at what I was observing. The motorcyclist and his passenger had been following this truck for a few miles, drinking in more than a lifetime’s supply of black tarry exhaust fumes.

Deducing that those fumes were causing real harm to the environment and climate was a no-brainer, but what hit it home was the fact that its consuming power, its vortex-like oxygen-sucking power was on full display for me to see.

For all to see.

Last year, I’d written about global poverty and how it’s lived daily amongst us all. This year for Blog Action Day, we tackle the ever growing debate of climate change and how global warming is truly recomposing our atmosphere.

While you may feel far removed from this picture and the lives affected by unregulated environmental standards in far away countries, every single country (including yours) adds to the mass pollution that’s driving this cause.

After all, we do share the same oxygen supply. Right?

Today is 2009 Blog Action Day- Climate Change. Take Action. Even if it starts with just heightening your awareness of the world around you.