Travel Secrets in 3..2..1

As part of the growing Tripbase travel tag-a-thon, I recently got an email from Audrey Scott, half of the dynamic, multi-talented duo that make up Uncornered Market and Ekua Impraim, a fellow adventurer and kindred spirit.

We travelers have, at least once during our explorations, discovered “that” place. Call it place-finding.

That place, be it a patch of land or a corner café that halts your forward-moving flow and forces you to acknowledge it in its entirety. To listen to its story in that very moment…

3. Fika Your Heart Out at Café 60

So I’m not a big coffee drinker, but Café 60 on Sveavägen makes up for this by providing nourishing “basins” of green tea. With an unpretentious décor, mounds of fikabröd (buns, pastries, tarts, biscotti), and generous portions of salads and foccacia sandwiches, what sets this joint apart from the thousands littering Stockholm is its instantly disarming atmosphere.

Stress evaporates once you step in.

2. Surreal Sunsets Along the Lekki Peninsula

Rush hour traffic in Lagos is brutal, and one must slip into a “certain” frame of mind to survive it. A one-way 25-minute drive takes 3 hours to complete, and Nigerians handle it with style. Sitting in traffic along a barrier island separating the lagoon from the ocean as the sun dips for the night means you get to witness some of the most spectacular, mist-like sunsets West Africa has to offer.

Mist-like because the mix of emissions and humidity with the natural colors produces a wondrous hazy effect.

1. Our Rock in Lidingö

Just one of 28,000 islands in Stockholm’s archipelago, I’ve originally hinted at this place in my blog post over on Matador Travel called “I Saw Three Ships“. Hiking along the waterfront on a narrow cliff trail bordered by vegetation and water. Finally reaching our rock. Taking in the soothing sounds of cold water lapping against shiny gray rocks. Sipping coffee poured from a tin canister. Biting into warm cinnamon rolls (kanelbullar). Small white boats with blue and yellow flags sailing by.

Hours frozen in time and spent just existing in one space.

Note: Picture above is at least a quarter of a mile from our rock. The exact location remains our little travel secret 🙂

Passing the baton
over to Christine, Julie, Andy, Josh, and Kate. If you still haven’t discovered the gem that is Uncornered Market, click over right away.