With Deepest Gratitude: THANK YOU!

“For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”…Luke 12:48

On December 1, 2010 when Quark Expeditions announced that it was looking for a blogger to follow its 20th anniversary expedition to the North Pole, my entry was the very first one submitted.

Submitted mostly out of disbelief that a statement I made to myself during my teenage years in Nigeria could potentially come true. Reason aside. Logic aside. This was my childhood dream and immediately, years of emotions came flooding to the surface.

And so I entered in faith and started asking for support – fair and honest votes – without gimmicks. It wasn’t until just two weeks into the competition did I begin to fully realize just how involved , risky, and taxing this was going to be, and even up until the very last minute, I stayed true to running a clean campaign to reach this childhood dream.

The competition ended today…and I missed the Top 5 by only 3 votes.

While my inner child is disappointed, my adult self is sincerely grateful. Truly, utterly, and humbly grateful for the massive generosity that came flooding in throughout this campaign up until the very last second, and for an amazing network of family, friends, colleagues, and hundreds of strangers who I now consider friends.

To all [ 2,521 ] people who took the time to vote, thank you so much.

Every single one of your votes was and will remain important to me.

Besides vowing never to put everyone through such an arduous process again, the three key lessons learned so far are these:

• Sometimes leaping out in absolute faith regardless of outcome is the answer; trusting that every risk taken is a natural selection process; unveiling true friends and those who are willing to go that extra mile on your behalf. And for every single one of you, I will be forever grateful.

• Hardwork will only get you so far and we truly can’t reach where we want to go in life without others. We need their support and love to carry us through those last few steps. We need to let go and be truly vulnerable.

• Follow your heart. While you may not be able to successfully communicate its importance (to you) to others sometimes, that doesn’t make it any less real or important to you.

Thank You so much! E se é pupô! Tack så mycket!

In addition to all 2,521 of you, I would specially like to thank the following people. Note, I will be adding to the lists below (including links to various websites). Wanted to get this out now…

[ First and Foremost ]

God and my savior, Jesus Christ – My hope, faith, and life.
Urban – My husband, love, and heart.
My parents & family – Your support and pride give me strength.
My siblings – The craziest lot on earth who also keep me grounded. Love you guys.

[ Special Shout-Outs ]

Good Naija Girl – For your generous Monday campaigns on behalf of a stranger who is now honored to call you friend.

Bunmie Zoë Radioo – For your tireless Facebook campaigns. I am so grateful to have reconnected with you.

Skychi_Travels – For your daily Twitter campaigns. Thank you so much.

Matador Network Team – To my fellow team members and friends, you guys are the absolute best and I’m honored to be a part of the tribe.

To the entire Travel Blogging Community that rallied during the last few hours, you exemplify what it means to have each others’ backs and I am so grateful.

[ Bloggers/Media Who Wrote About It ]

Adrianne George – Black Women In Europe
Adrianne George – Stockholm Expat
Africans in Sweden – Website
Black Atlas – American Airlines
Chika Uwazie – Nigerian Eagle
Ehi Binitie – ViewNaija
Erik Kambel – Afro-Europe International Blog
Ernest White III – Fly Brother
Gbenga Adeniji – Punch Nigeria
Gbenga Awomodu – Gbenga’s Notebook
Greg Gross – I’m Black N I Travel (OUT There)
Jarrod Beckstrom – USA Rugby
Jenny O’ Grady – UMBC Alumni Retriever NET
Joanne Griffith – VocalGlobe.com
Joshua Johnson – Travel Media Ninja
Kesha Bruce – Black Travels
Kiratiana Freelon – Kiratiana Travels
ktravula –
Liz Lewis – Write to Travel
Matador Network – Radar
Monica L. Williams – Black Broad Abroad
Myne Whitman – Myne Whitman Writes
NATJA – North American Travel Journalists Association
Nigerians Abroad Magazine – Link
Ola’s World – Link
Skychi Travels – The SkyChi Travel Guide
Surviving Life in Sweden – Link
Tracey Friley – OneBrownGirl.com
Uche Eze – Bella Naija
Vera – Verastically Living
Vonda H. Blackburn – International Freelance Photographers Organization (IFPO)
Woolpert – Working at Woolpert

[ Those Who Tweeted And Facebooked And Tweeted And… ]

2morrow Knight – Twitter
Abbie Mood – Website
Abby Tegnelia – The Neon Jungle Princess
Abhimanyu Sabnis – Shutterfeet
Abi John Balogun – 9jabook
Adam Rothstein – UMBC Grad Students on Facebook
Ade Doyin Meleki
Adrienne Abiodun – Adrienne-is
Akila & Patrick McConnell – The Road Forks
Amanda Kendle Augustin – Not A Ballerina
Andrea Martins – ExpatWomen
Andrew Evans – National Geographic
Angela Corrias – Website
Ann Bolcavage
Anna Brones – Under Solen
April Thompson – Absolute Travel Addict
Audrey Scott & Daniel Noll – Uncornered Market
Babatunde Rosanwo – Twitter
Babs Okubote – Twitter
Belinda Otas – Website
Brian Peters – No Debt World Travel
Bryan Dickerson – Woolpert
Candice Walsh – Candice Does The World
Carielle Doe
Carolyn Vines – Black and (A)broad
Charyn Pfeuffer – The Global Citizen Project
Chika Uwazie – Twitter
Christine Garvin – Living Holistically…
Christine Gilbert – Almost Fearless
Craig & Linda Martin – Indie Podcast Travel
Daniel Nahabedian – Canvas of Light
Daniel Wienhold (UMBC)
Dayana Prada
Dominique King – Midwest Guest
Ebere Irrechukwu
Eileen Smith – Bearshapedshere
Erik Trinidad – The Global Trip
Esther Kelechi Agbarakwe – Nigerian Youth Climate Coalition
Femi Fani-Kayode
Folasade Ojo Boyd
Adam Fowler – FowlerAds
Friends from Immaneul Kyrkan
Fúnmiláyò Akinòsì – Twitter
Funwa Akinmade –
Gabrielle Yetter – Southeast Asia Women’s Communicators Group
Gary Ardnt – Everything Everywhere
Germaine Thomas
Gypsy Traveller
Ian Mackenzie – Website
Janice T. Robinson – Skychi_Travels
Jenny Buccos – Project Explorer
JoAnna Haugen – Kaleidoscopic Wandering
John Falchetto – Twitter
Jools Stone – Trains on the Brain
Jules Riedel
Julie Galante – This non-American Life
Julie Schwietert Collazo – Collazo Projects
Kanyana Ajonye
Kara Williams – The Vacation Gals
Karen Bryan – Europe A La Carte
Kate Sedgwick – YesThereIsSuchAThingAsAStupidQuestion
Kemi Famugbode
Kendra Lee – Heart & Soul Magazine
Kerry Dexter
Kesha Bruce – Artist
Kitty Pope – International Association of Black Travel Writers (IABTW)
Lanora Schoeny Mueller – Website
Lara Dunston & Terence Carter – Grantourismo Travels
Olov Forsgren – Website
Laura Bernhein & David Miller – Operating on Stoke
Laura Kammermeier – Website
Leigh Shulman – The Future Is Red
Leke Obadimu – Twitter
Leshell H.
Lindi Horton – MetalChic
Lisa Brush Frentzel
Live Unchained (Kathryn Buford) – Website
Michaela Lola Abrera – Website
Margo Millure – TravelBelles
Marie Craig Vanasse
Marilyn Terrell – Intelligent Travel – National Geographic Traveler
Maureen Jenkins – Website
Melissa Hedge
Meredith Purvis – Website
Micheal Lynch – Ryukyu Mike’s Gallery
Michelle Schusterman – MusicTravelWrite
Monique White Rubin – Mo Travels
Nancy Boettcher Clark
Nancy Harder – Website
Nellie Huang – Wild Junket
Nick Rowlands – Delicious Chaos
Nikki Laoye –
Nneka Ofulue
Olivia, Olov, & Lars Forsgren – Website
Oluwaseyi Oguntubo
Pam Mandel – Nerds Eye View
Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik – Afrobella
Paul Sullivan – Website
Peggy Llewellyn – Professional Motorsports Racer
Renee King – A View to A Thrill
Rick Hammond – Woolpert
Ricky Ristic
Rolake Akinola – Vox Perfect
Ross Borden – Matador Network
Ruthie Unaegbu – Website
Scott Carmichael – Gadling
Sherry Antoine
Shutter Sisters – Website
Sokari – BlackLooks
Soultravelers3 – Website
Stanyell Bruce – UMBC Alumni Association
Steveo – Asian Ramblings
Susana Cabaço & Catia Oliveira
Theressa Dowell Blackinton & Jeff Blackinton – Lives of Wander
Thorgny Arwidson – Website
Tolu Lawson – PANS
T. Ritse Erumi – Ritse Online
Tosin Ola-Weissmann
Trans-Americas Journey – Website
Trineka Greer – National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)
Trisha Miller – Travel Writers Exchange
Will Nesbitt – Website
Yisa Akinbolaji – Website
Yvonne – Just Travelous

[ Those Who Left Words of Encouragement (691 Comments) ]

Abadom Rapheal
Abena Osei
Abi Baiyewu
Abimbola Alawaye-Sarumi
Abimbola Tanimowo
Abiola Fasina
Abiola Ogunyemi
Adam Karkosz
Adanna Oji
Ade Adewole
Ade Doyin Meleki
Adebola Adelaja
Adedayo Salawu
Adedotun Ayo
Adefola Siyanbade
Adekunle Fadoju
Adenike Boboye
Adenike Fadoju
Adeniyi Oluwo
Adeola Chukwumah
Adetayo Martins
Adetomiwa Oguntade Egbewumi
Adetutu Ademefun
Adewale Oluwole
Adewumi Adebayo
Adeyomola Oluwaseyi Adebayo
Adrianne George
Adrienne Abiodun
Adrienne Barnes
Adrijani Lim
Afolasade Ayonuwe
Ahmed Olaniyi
Ajah Paul
Aju Atta
Akan Nweke
Akin Akingbola
Akin Carons
Akinola Bennie
Akinwumi Ilori
Akinwumi Iyanda
Akiode Oluwatosin
Al Matsuyama
Alan Mcconnell
Aleta Leigh
Alex Correia
Alex Uher
Alex Umole
Alexis Oluponmile
Ali Adam
Alina Rădulescu
Allen Torres
Allison Randolph
Alpha Bennett
Alpha Bennett
Aly Amaut (Mother Earth Tours)
Ama Bassey-Fynch
Amadou M. Sall
Amy Lawson
Anders S
Andi Perullo
Andrea Castellano
Andréa Mcdonald
Andreas Nilsson
Andreas Nilsson
Andrew Evans
Andy Collins
Aneto Okakpu
Angela Corrias
Angela Nkama
Angela Nkama
Angela Shaw
Angie Cao
Ann Arthur Andrew
Ann Purcell
Anne Gbadamosi
Anne-Sophie Redisch
Annie Wheat (IFPO)
Annika Pettersson
Antoinette Poindexter
April Joali
Arinoso Olugbolahan
Arthur Sample
Astrid Sundgren
Augustine Obi
Ayandipe Oluseyi
Ayo Akinfe
Ayodeji Déjàvü
Ayokunle Ajayi
Ayun Halliday
Az Adeg’
Az’Ure Ps
Babatunde Onibode
Babs Oh
Banky Banjo
Barbara Akinmade
Barbara Funa-Karoliussen
Beatrice Thomas-Bailey
Bede Ndokwu
Beeci Oluyede
Benedict Onyesom
Bernard Shields
Bernice Grossman
Bhatupe Mhango
Bill Boston
Bilqees Adeokin
Biri Ekhaguere
Bisola Awosika
Biyi Simoyan
Bobmanuel Effiong
Bola Adegbile
Bonnie Tribbett Key
Bosede Akeredolu
Brenda Popillion
Bright Omokaro
Britt-Marie Norberg
Buki Ademefun
Bunmi Adesioye
Bunmi Akinmade
Bunmi Akinmade
C I Nwanze
C I Nwanze
Calyx Mezie
Candace Rardon
Candice Walsh
Carl Juborg
Carl Phillips (Ifpo)
Caroline Zombie-Amebo
Casey James
Catarina Redisch
Cathie Blue
Cathy Brown
Catia Oliveira
Cecily Ferguson
Charles Chima
Charyn Pfeuffer
Chiara Fatarella
Chibuzor Achike
Chiekwu Uzoagbala
Chika Okakpu-Oduka
Chika Okoh
Chika Oyinlade
Chika Uzoigwe
Chike Madueke
Chinonso Okenwa
Chosen Nnaemeka
Clara Taiwo Osobu-Ogunsemi
Clifton J Carr
Colleen Carney-Pilsbury
Craig Martin
Cynthia Ajuwa
Cynthia Scarborough
Dali Edwards
Dalla Isaac Martin Matlock
Damilola Mofikoya
Damola Ogundele
Damola Ogundele
Dan Ahlstedt
Dan Mcgrady
Daniel Nahabedian
Danny Jha
Dave White (Ifpo)
David Braimoh
David Cogswell
David Dembishack (IFPO)
David Ruby (IFPO)
Dean Tatooles
Deborah Cole
Debra Corbeil
Dedan Ji Jaga
Dee Deedee
Deji Arije
Dele Adelaja
Dennis Ewing (IFPO)
Deolu Adeniyi
De-Oye Odu-Banjo
Dian Winiarti
Diane Ikpeze
Diekolola Akinmade Vanderpuye
Dolla Olalojule
Doug Lofland
Doyin Ogun
Dr. Samson Omotosho
Dylan Thomas
Dzela Vote
Ebele Mogo
Ed Cabral (Ifpo)
Edgar Orellana
Edikan Bassey
Edward Richard
Eileen Smith
Ekong Fynch
Eleanor Matthews
Elisabeth Demir
Elizabeth Hansen
Emmanuel O
Enilolobo Solomon
Eric Hrnicek
Ericka Abrams
Erik Kambel
Esse Oghene
Esther Mwakitalu
Eva Mossberg
Eva Sandoval
Evan Wilder
Evelyn Hannon
Felicia Onuh
Felix Akinola
Felix Ikwuemesibe
Femi Akinmade
Femi Fani-Kayode
Ferdinand Enebe
Festus Ebeh
Frances Obonna
Frank Anderson
Frank Summers (IFPO)
Frank White (IFPO)
Franklin Adama Magnate
Funke Owolabi
Fúnlólá Àdùnní
‘Fúnmiláyò Akinòsì
Funmilayo Ayokunle May-Ernest
Funsho Falowo
Gabrielle Kennedy
Gail Mooney
Gana Peter
Gbemi Preview
Gbenga Adeniji
Gbenga Awomodu
Gbenga Olodude
Gbenga Oso
Gerald Dantic
Germaine Thomas
Gero Schomaker
Gina Hall
Ginny Gunn
Glenn Johnson
Glenn Stockard (IFPO)
Globe Trekker
Godson Ogheneochuko
Godwin Ovbude Ohiomoba
Grace Wang
Greg Gross
Greg Gross
Greg Hubbs
Greg Roux
Gregoria Correia
Gsu Tiger2
Hammed Lasisi
Hansson Bjorn
Harold Shackelford
Heather Carreiro
Heidi Riffle
Helena Wahlman
Henrik Ek
Henrik Sjöberg
Henry Chigbo
Henry Oluwarotimi Adenigba
Hermenegildo, Jr Rapanan
Hieu Truong
Hyke Bekeh
Ibironke Omolayo
Idowu Akinde
Idowu Eko
Ifeanyi Okpor
Ifeoma Donna Onyekwena
Ify Ofulue
Ingrid Morales
Irina Norgren
Iweka Kingsley
Jack Beasley (IFPO)
Jack Norell
Jackie Börjeson
Jacques Goyard (IFPO)
James Fynch
James Harrington
James Nokes
James Orji
James Shelton (Ifpo)
Jan-Erik Berggren
Jan-Erik Berggren
Janice Robinson
Jason Collins
Jason Henry
Jay Jordan
Jay Nwachu
Jay Reese
Jeevan Baretto
Jeff Liechty
Jeff Miller
Jeff Sheldon (Ifpo)
Jennifer Biondi Neibel (IFPO)
Jennifer Effah
Jennifer Gidman
Jennifer Miner
Jennifer Oshodi
Jerry Luoma (Ifpo)
Jerry Toftum (Ifpo)
Jes Trejo
Jessica Goto
Jessie Voigts
Jimmy Abioro
Jinger Guerrette
Joan Mckniff
Joe Castillon
Johanna Reimers
John Libby
John Lyon
John Middlehurst
John Wheatley
Johny Smith
Jools Stone
Joseph Don
Joseph Onuche Manuels
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson
Joy Kachim
Joyce Fynch
Judy Effiong
Julia Browne
Julian,Jr. Taban (Ifpo)
Julie Galante
Julie Ried
Julie Ried
Jumoke Lawuyi
Kamal Giwa
Karen Cattran
Karen Gundersen
Karen Resurreccion
Karina Esbjörnsson
Kate Kolett
Katherine Kennerly
Kathie Berens
Kay Akinmade
Kayode Otegbeye
Kayode Toyosi
Kehinde Talabi
Keke Bbt
Kelly Loe
Kemmie Victoria Amole
Kendra Mason
Kenneth Asiegbu
Kennisblegad Olaotan
Kevin Douglas
Kiah Coleman
Kimberly Morrison
Kimberly Wastler
Kiratiana Freelon
Kirk Mcclurkin
Kiru Taye
Kitty Pope
Kristin Conard
Kristin Lohse
Kristy Harris
Kun Lito
Kwaku Effah
Lade Salami
Lande Alabi
Lanre Oyedotun
Lara Akinmade
Lara Dunston
Lara Ward
Larry Carli
Laura Lee
Lekan Lawal
Lekan Olaosebikan
Leke Obadimu
Lena Le
Leshell H
Leticia Ollennu
Linda Golden
Linus Björkestedt
Lisa Perry
Lito Bagaporo (IFPO)
Lola Abolade
Lola Banjo
Lola Oshuns
Lorna Macmillan
Lorraine Bowes Fay
Louis Ubebe
Lynda Effiong
Mabel Okiro
Magnus Norgren
Magnus Nyström
Malin Jorsell
Manuel Ribeiro (IFPO)
Marcus Benigno
Margaret Goodlin
Margaret Sharrow
Maria Ribeiro
Maria Rueger
Maria Santos
Marianne Broddesson
Mariano Pallottini
Marie Vanasse
Marilyn Terrell
Mario Correia
Markos Abraham (Track24 Solo)
Markus G
Martin Eriksson
Martin Ollennu
Mary Adeniyi
Mary Haley
Mary Jones
Mary Shorun
Maryam Mosanya
Maryanne Oxendale
Mats Olsson
Mattias Eriksson
Mattie Winrow
Mauie Hernando
Maureen Jenkins
Mayen Moyo
Mayowa Fasona
Melissa Adams
Melissa Hedge
Melissa Jordan
Meshileya Timothy
Mfon Ekpo
Michael Etim
Michael Kueppers-Adebisi
Michael Lynch
Michael Riggs (Ifpo)
Miguel Simões
Miguel Vidigueira
Mike Bahooski
Mike Collins
Mike Rounding
Mitesh Joshi
Modupe Okusami Famakinwa
Mohammad Khursheed (IFPO)
Monica Maith
Monica Williams
Morenike Akerele
Mosaku Michael
Mosein Ade
Ms Israel Benedicta Osagie
Nahom Gebre
Namita Waikar
Nancy Aiello
Nancy Clark
Nancy Harder
Nanny Meena
Naomi Kamara
Natalie Greaves
Natasha Hartley
Naza Zaini
Ndudi Familusi
Neha Puntambekar
Nick Rowlands
Nicky Ogunkunle
Nicole O’Connor
Nicu Caucos
Nikki Graham
Nikki Lao
Nina Bergström
Niyi Bankz
Niyi Falade
Niyi Popoola
Nkiru Nwichi
Nnamdi Chinasa Opara
Nnamdi Nwogwugwu
Noblefather Gabriel
Nora Dunn
Obi Igwe
Obiora Obidike
Octávio Bento
Ogun Toyosi
Oguns Clinton
Ojikutu Moriam
Ola Akinmade
Ola Oluwa Tomi
Oladimeji Gabisi
Olafia Olafsdottir
Olaniran Ajayi
Olaperi Onipede
Olatunde Aremu
Olatunde Ogunkunle
Olatunji Ade
Olivia Mingus
Olu Oru
Olubukola Ogunsiakan
Olukunle Oladapo
Olumide Odesina
Olumide Olusanya
Olusegun Adebo
Olusegun Asabi
Olusegun Olatunde
Olusola Lapite
Olutayo Akinrinde
Oluwadare Oyedipe
Oluwafemi Okunnu
Oluwakemi Adetula
Oluwakemi Adetula
Oluwaseyi Oguntubo
Oluyomi Ogunniyi
Omolayo Ajanaku-Egbetola
Omonye Ukpoma
Onebrown Girl
Oni Phemmy
Orlawoome Ahdeydahyour
Osi Ifeanyichukwu
Otondo Blogger
Oyenike Ogundipe
Oyesile Dupe
Ozzy-Munda Heygeday
Pam Letexier
Pamela Ambe
Patrick Andrew
Patrick O’Keefe (Ifpo)
Paula Rindborg
Pauline Karakat
Peggy John
Peggy Llewellyn
Peju Adenusi
Peju Jinadu
Peju Ugboma
Peter Cole
Phil Mogavero
Philip Pettersson
Preeti Yadav
Prince Akin-Ola Saheed
Prosper Onogberie
Rachel Griffith
Randy Giesbrecht (IFPO)
Randy Kalp
Ranti Okunoren
Rasheed Ademuyiwa
Rashidat Akinyemi
Ratna Kaneria
Raymond Wilcox
Regina Smith
Rekia Afegbua
Remi Akinmade
Remi Akinmade
Renata Martins
Renee King
Renelda M
Renelda Merzius
Rhonda Rice
Richard Crasta
Richard Lynn
Ridwan Olayemi
Ridwan Olayemi
Rita George-Adefisan
Ritse Erumi
Robert Börjesson
Roberta Okereke
Roddy Macleod
Ron Sexton (Ifpo)
Ronald Butcher
Ronald Cowie
Ronke Adegbile
Ronke Kayode
Rosalind Reese
Rosemary Neave‏
Rukayat Salami
Ruth Akinoso
Ruth Onaghinon
Ruth Yusuf
Sabrina Tuco
Sade Fawehinmi
Saheed Quadri
Sahle Mehari
Saina Osifade
Sammy Anderson
Samuel Asare (Ifpo)
Sandra Kennedy
Sandrine Tehi
Sandy Allen
Sara Ojasoo
Sara Schüldt
Sarah Sakaan
Scarlet Vikarby
Scott Skinner
Segun Demuren
Segun Fakuyi
Segun Oladapo
Segun Olumide
Sele Akinbolaji
Seun Adebanjo
Seun Ewegbemi
Seun Ladeinde
Seyi Adewole
Seyi Akinnubi
Seyi Olusanya
Shakirudeen Odunuga
Shalom Shobande
Shannon Lane
Shannon O’Donnell
Sharon Barnes
Shaw Adedeji
Shegun Olusanya
Sheila Broughton (IFPO)
Shoneils Afolabi
Sifo Ijewere
Sike Aremu
Simi Bamgbala
Skye Amajoh
Sonal Vaz
Stacy Schnieber
Stefanieandtracy Foster
Stephanie Barter
Stephanie Prisell Von Ohain
Stephen Adebayo
Steve Alley
Steve Clemenson (IFPO)
Suki Lim
Suniel Parihar
Susan Munroe
Susan Shyllon
Susana Cabaço
Susanne Ellingsworth
Sylvia Otu
Synolve Craft
Tai Olalojule
Tam Mayor
Tamer Nazmy
Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson
Tanko Ahmed
Tayo Alabi
Tchoia Brown
Teddy Phillips
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Temitope De-Medeiros
Temitope Magbagbeola
Temitope Ogundipe
Terry Bailey (IFPO)
Tesly Adesanya Yusuf
Tethbaa ッ
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Tim Patterson
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Tina Gail Evans (Ifpo)
Tisch Cistrunk-Parmelee
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Titilope Omidiran
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Tomas Gertonsson
Tomas Petterson
Tommy Schönstedt
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Tope Akinmade
Tope Fajingbesi
Tope Popoola (Favouredgirl Writes)
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Tunde Agoro
Tunde Ifafore
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Tunde Oni
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Tyne Gipson
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Ulrika Nuldén
Unus Sed Leona
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Voralak Suwanvanichkij
Walter Rowand (IFPO)
Wendy Perrin
Wole Samuel
Yane Kumbin
Yinka Aj
Yisa Akinbolaji
Yngve Måhlberg
Yvonne Victor-Olomu
Zainab Imam
Zaph Rahman
Zemaye O.
Zino Agbaza

Thank You so much! E se é pupô! Tack så mycket!

Disclaimer – Your support was overwhelming. If I missed you, I apologize. Know that my heart is in the right place.